Why Your Quads Aren’t Growing (The Truth About Growing Huge Legs)

Why aren’t those quads growing, bro? I bet you’re making 1 of these 3 “quad-killing mistakes!”

In this video I’ll go over one of the most horrible habits that has savagely taken the fitness industry by storm: Skipping leg day.

If you want some “quads from the gods” then make sure you’re following the 3 most important essentials to thick and muscular quadriceps. This quad workout will nail your legs from every angle and focus on the front of the leg, aka the quadriceps. This is the key to having tree trunk legs.

This workout and the x factor’s you will learn in this video will get you bigger quads, and bring you one step closer to making your legs huge!

Let me know in the comments below what you think of the video!

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