Success Stories

Weight Gain Blueprint Success Stories

These success stories all came from students who followed the Weight Gain Blueprint program.

Read through these stories and understand that these were average skinny guys just like you… So if they can do it, then so can you!

If you’re ready to get serious about bulking up and gaining mass, then you NEED to take a close look at Jeff Masterson’s Weight Gain Blueprint program.

“Thank you Jeff for writing this program”

Chris Riccio Before and After
Just wanted to keep you guys up to date on my progress since using your program. I started 9 weeks ago at 140 lbs. 9 weeks later, I weigh 161 lbs and my muscle growth is obvious. I’ve attached before and after pics, so you can see the difference!Thank you, Jeff for writing this program and for not only helping me finally gain weight, but for also showing me a routine that has me living as a much more confident man altogether!

Thanks again,
Chris Riccio

“40 pound gain in 25 weeks!!!”

Gabriel Garay Before After
Just figured I’d update you to my current progress, 40 pound gain in 25 weeks!!!

Gone from 134 to 174 right now, I’m looking to either go to 185 or 195-205 but right now things are looking great.

Thanks again for your program, it really made the process straightforward.

Gabriel Garay

“33 pound improvement!! More importantly, its mostly muscle mass.”

Patrick Shefford before and after
Dear Jeff,

I have always been a smaller guy. I often struggled in social situations because of this. When you’re a skinny guy, people show you no respect, they crack jokes about you, and they look at you as an inferior male.

By the time I graduated high school, I weighed 135 pounds, which is not terribly abnormal. However, over the next few years I noticed many guys “filling out” while I just stayed about the same.

I worked out off and on, but never made any gains. By age 22 I continued to suffer from depressing thoughts and low self-esteem and confidence.

Completely fed up, I took to surfing the web for solutions. Then I came across the Weight Gain Blueprint and figured it was worth a shot.

When I first started the program, I weighed 140 pounds. After six weeks, I was already at 155 pounds!!

Slowly but surely, my confidence and self-esteem began to heighten (along with my muscle mass), which in turn improved all other aspects of my life. I feel better now than I ever have. I am now on week 26, and I weigh 173 pounds (33 pound improvement!!). More importantly, its mostly muscle mass.

Jeff Masterson’s Weight Gain Blueprint teaches you how to live a big guy lifestyle. While keeping track of your food intake and weight lifting may seem tedious at first, it soon becomes second nature. Besides teaching you how to become bigger, the program helps you to become healthier.

Often people ask me if I have “grown” or “gotten bigger”. This is what is most rewarding about the program, knowing that I actually was capable of improving myself. I just needed some guidance. Jeff’s program can show you the way.

If you are a skinny guy fed up with the way your life is, then you MUST try Jeff Masterson’s Weight Gain Blueprint (my before and after photos can attest to this).

Thanks Jeff, for helping me turn my life around. I am eternally grateful.

Best Regards,
Patrick Shefford
River Falls, WI

“You changed my life”

Sha Weight Gain Blueprint Reveiw
Dear Jeff,You changed my life.

Despite my solid academic scores I always felt diminished by my tiny frame, I could never approach girls and even a simple conversation was daunting. I was so conscious of being the smallest person in the room that I always took the back seat and let my social life suffer.

Something had to give. I joined the gym, not knowing what to do or how to do it. I spent 2-3 weeks wasting time and money looking for some magic formula to grow larger. I remember looking at the bigger guys and wondering what did they eat? Why wasn’t that me?

I began your program as a 6ft- 56kg (123 pounds) high school graduate with little confidence and no direction. I poured through all your manuals, used the calorie counter and filled out my workout chart. Admittedly, I was apprehensive at first, but within 5 weeks I had put on 4 kg (9 pounds) and my confidence started to grow. I was growing bigger, fitter and happier.

Over the next 6 months your materials became my bible, I followed it down to the word, only tweaking it to accommodate my vegetarian days. I sit writing this to you as a 6ft-68kg (150 pounds) first year med school student who has the world at his feet. I like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you’ve done for me.

Best wishes,

PS: Check out my transformation =D

“Best thing that ever happened to me”

Gabriel Lopez Weight Gain Blueprint Results
I had always been one of the skinniest kids in school and I did a lot of sports but still couldn’t manage to get bigger.I tried lots of things but seemed it wasn’t working so I started lifting weights still nothing happen then I found out about the Weight Gain Blueprint book and it took me step by step and showed me everything and now I’m not skinny. I got more mass.

When I first started the program I was 95 pounds. I gained 9 pounds in the first 2.5 weeks 🙂 Now I’m 126 pounds. 31 pound gained so far.

Best thing that ever happened to me. I would recommend this program to anyone who wants to gain weight. Thanks!

Gabriel Lopez
Bakersfield, CA

These are literally just a small handful of the success stories I’ve received from guys who have used the Weight Gain Blueprint program.

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