Weight Gain Blueprint

Weight Gain Blueprint Program
Jeff Masterson’s Weight Gain Blueprint program is a step-by-step guide for helping skinny guys gain weight fast.

The Weight Gain Blueprint is a step-by-step muscle-building program designed for skinny guys and hardgainers who have a difficult time gaining weight and building muscle mass.

It was created by Jeff Masterson, who was a skinny guy his whole life and struggled to gain weight and build muscle. He discovered that most of the advice available to the public is geared towards people who are overweight and trying to LOSE weight.

It’s very difficult to find real, solid, proven advice about how to GAIN weight and build muscle… Especially for skinny guys who have a fast metabolism.

It may sound crazy, but if you’re a skinny guy, and your goal is to gain muscle mass, then the information you’re about to read on this page may change your life.

How Was This Weight Gain Blueprint Program Created?

Well, it was actually created by accident!

It came as a result of Jeff Masterson trying almost EVERYTHING under the sun to gain weight. And failing miserably…

  • He TRIED working out 6 days per week until his entire body was sore…
  • He TRIED all the supplements he could get his hands on…
  • He TRIED eating more food to gain weight…

And at first, nothing seemed to work.

But after exhaustive research, trial, and error, Jeff managed to cut through all the clutter and devise a simple step-by-step system that any skinny guy could follow and gain weight every week until he reached his desired goal.

How did he know it worked?

Well he turned himself into a “human guinea pig” and tested all kinds of methods for himself! What he found is that 95% of the information out there is ineffective for skinny guys who want to gain weight!

So he “tossed out” all the junk information, and he was left with the “gold.” The things that REALLY turn your skinny body into a muscle-building machine.

When he tried these new-found methods on himself, he was able to gain 38 pounds in just 19 weeks!

It was at that point he decided to start helping other skinny guys like himself who were going through the same struggles as he was.

After he released the Weight Gain Blueprint program to the world, he wasn’t surprised when the success stories began pouring in and flooding his email. It wasn’t only working for him… it was working for other skinny guys too!

So What Exactly Do You Get Inside The Weight Gain Blueprint Program?

Well for starters, Jeff outlines all the details directly on the Weight Gain Blueprint website. But here is a short summary of what’s included:

  • The Weight Gain Blueprint Manual
  • Anabolic Muscle-Building Workouts
  • Weight Gain Meal Plans
  • Weight Gain Blueprint Quick-Start Guide
  • Weight Gain Progress Tracker
  • Muscle-Building Foods Cheat Sheet
  • Easy Calorie Calculator
  • Explosive Hot-Seat Interview With Jeff Masterson

Like I said, you’ll want to go to the Weight Gain Blueprint website to get the full detailed explanation of what everything is, and how it works.

Jeff also makes himself available on his blog to answer any question you may have about the program. You can leave a comment on his blog and get your questions answered here:

Your Questions Answered (Weight Gain Blueprint Program)