Mass Building Workout: Follow This To Get Larger Biceps, A Wider Thicker Back, And Muscular Legs

Fresh off of the squat and biceps challenge – I’ve been really trying to challenge myself and figure out new ways to build lean muscle mass and get stronger.

What I’ve been attempting to do recently is cut my workouts to only a few times per week – but really focus on exercises that build mass and make them even more challenging.

How in the world do we accomplish that? We superset some mass building exercises with short rest times and go beast mode!

This workout is absolutely insane – and the beauty of it is you can knock it out in about 45 minutes.

This mass building workout is going to be perfect for guys who are trying to get larger biceps, a wider and thicker back, and more muscular legs.

This workout is pure bodybuilding at its finest – as we are really maximizing our time under tension with each exercise and creating those healthy micro-tears that will yield incredible lean muscle gains.

This workout is going to be set up with 1 incredible back superset, 1 insane biceps exercise that will maximize your time under tension, and 2 leg exercise supersets I’m 99.9 percent sure you have never attempted before.

Let’s dive in and take a look at this mass building workout.

We’ll split this workout into two upper body supersets – and 2 lower body supersets.

Mass Building Workout Part 1: Lower Body


Time to get into some insane lower body training. This first lower body superset is going to build you some muscular quadriceps and large leg muscles.

It’s going to really capitalize on your time under tension, which will create a lot of healthy micro-tears in your legs. If you are trying to bring up your legs and the normal squat routine just isn’t cutting it you need to be doing this superset every single week.

Mass Building Superset #1:

Double leg extension superset with iso-leg extension

This one is really easy to explain. You are going to start off on the leg extension machine and you are going to be doing the double leg extension BUT you will never rest the weight at the bottom or top of the movement.

You will be keeping constant tension on your quadriceps – and going as heavy as you possibly can in the 8-10 repetition range.

Immediately after doing your double leg extension set you are going to switch to single leg, or “iso leg extensions.”

You are going to have to drop the weight to about 40 percent of what you just did because we are going to be sticking in the 8-10 repetition range with no rest between sets.

If you are doing 200 lbs. on your double leg extension, you will be dropping it down all the way to 70 lbs. on the superset.

Same thing applies with the superset – as you want to keep constant tension on the quadriceps muscle, except you are only doing 1 leg at a time. Expect the quad burn of a lifetime with this superset!

You will be completing 3 sets of this superset:

  • Leg extension: 8-12 reps.
  • Iso-leg extension: 8-12 each leg.
  • Time between sets – as little as possible.
  • Time between supersets – 90 seconds.

Mass Building Superset #2:

Stiff leg dead lift superset with smith machine stiff leg tension deadlift.

Time to end this mass building workout with pure hamstrings and lower back.

The first part of the superset is you will be doing stiff leg deadlifts and going heavy. Do something that you can perform about 8 repetitions at your maximum.

Immediately after doing the stiff leg deadlift you are going to jump on the smith machine to do some hamstring tension work.

The exercise you are super-setting with is something that I call the smith machine stiff leg tension deadlift. You will be really focusing on blasting away at those glutes and hamstrings on this superset – and it’s a crazy leg builder in conjunction with the stiff leg deadlift.

You will be completing 3 sets of this superset:

  • Stiff leg deadlift: 8-12 reps.
  • Smith machine stiff leg tension dead lift: 8-12 reps.
  • Time between sets: as little as possible.
  • Time between supersets: 90 seconds.

Mass Building Workout Part 2: Upper Body


Mass Building Superset #3:

Underhand grip lateral pull down superset with time under tension seated close grip row.

This superset is going to absolutely blast your lats, middle back, and biceps. For the underhand grip lateral pull down you want to go really heavy on this and start with your hands slightly inside shoulder width apart.

By placing your hands “underhand” you will emphasize your upper lats and biceps a lot more, which is exactly what we are trying to do!

You are going to want to stay in the 8-12 repetition range, but should be at 100 percent failure by the last repetition.

After the underhand grip lateral pull-down – head on over to the seated row machine immediately. These machines are typically right next too each other.

For the seated row super-set we want to pick a light weight we can control for a full 30 seconds time under tension.

This is going to emphasize the “time under tension” principle and combined with the heavy lifting is the perfect combination to build some serious muscle mass.

You will be completing 3 sets of this superset:

  • Underhand grip lateral pulldown: 8-12 reps.
  • Seated close grip row machine: 30 seconds time under tension.
  • Time between sets – as little as possible.
  • Time between supersets – 90 seconds.

Mass Building Biceps Superset #4:

Anabolic alternating Curls Superset with incline Tension Curls

This is a hardcore biceps exercise that will challenge you to the max! Start off with a pair of dumb-bells about 50 percent of the weight you would normally pick for palms up dumbbell curls.

You are going to curl one arm up, while the other arm is also working and “sitting” at 90 degrees. You will be alternating each bicep curl, while keeping one arm flexed in a static position while the other arm goes down slow and controlled.

For the superset – you guys are in for a real bicep blasting treat!

You are going to set up an incline bench and lean all the way back. Squeeze the scapula in your back and keep your elbows in. You will only be going up about half-way and keeping constant time under tension on your biceps. Both biceps will be working at the same time, and you will also want to flare your elbows slightly out. Make sure to watch the video to see my exact form!

You will be completing 3 sets of this superset:

  • Anabolic alternate curls: 8-12 reps.
  • Incline tension curls: 8-10 reps.
  • Time between sets – as little as possible.
  • Time between supersets – 90 seconds.

And that’s all she wrote! Follow this incredible mass building workout to get larger biceps, a wider and thicker back, and more muscular legs.

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