INSANE “Once Per Month” Workout For Muscle Mass (For Skinny Guys & Hardgainers)

Are you ready for a full body anabolic assault? Today I want to talk about the power of including a “full body” workout routine into your regimen at least once per month.

I know I talk a lot about proper bodybuilding splits, but one of the best ways to shock the body into growth is to do something really outside your comfort zone and incorporate every large muscle group into 1 workout.

Your body secretes hormones and grows muscle out of demand – and when you put your body through the gauntlet of a full body regimen it will be forced to secrete more hormones and grow thick slabs of lean muscle mass.

While it’s not beneficial to work out your entire body each workout, I have found it to be a great asset to throw into my routine once per month.

A few of the benefits you will get from this “once per month” workout routine.

– You will secrete more anabolic hormones from this full body assault.

– You will shock your body into growth by doing something your body isn’t used to.

– You will challenge yourself mentally, and set a new tone for “how hard” you really have to train to make great gains.

I know for me the last one is very important as its really key to remind yourself that you can go in the gym and kill it like a beast.

I was having a bad few weeks of workouts last month and then one day I decided to do 8 sets of squats and 8 sets of deadlifts in the same workout.

Just doing something super intense like this pushed me far outside my comfort zone, and it gave me a huge rush of adrenaline and testosterone.

I want you to experience the same thing so without further ado here is the insane once per month workout routine!

Exercise 1: Chest Tri Set

This first exercise is an insane “tri-set” and will blast the upper chest and triceps. Part one will be switching off between 3 reps of dumbbell pullovers and 3 reps of dumbbell press ups with a focus on squeezing the chest and triceps during each repetition.

Your goal should be 10-12 reps of each exercise until you are 100 percent fatigued – and then you will be jumping immediately to the side of the flat bench for some incline upper chest push-ups.

On the very end of this tri set you need to go until 100 percent muscle failure and squeeze your upper chest during reach rep!

Try 3 total tri-sets to start off this workout with a vengeance.

Exercise 2: Close Grip Weighted Pull Ups Superset With Bicep Burnout

This one is a classic burnout exercise of first the lats – and then the biceps. I want you guys to start off by doing any form of weighted close grip pull ups (either with a chain like I show in the video, or with a weight belt or dumbbell between your feet.)

Next put the rope cable machine at the lowest position and do a high repetition burnout of the biceps. This one should be killer immediately after doing close grip pull ups which put a huge amount of overload on your biceps.

The goal with this exercise is to do between 20-25 reps with a light weight that you can control and get a massive squeeze on the biceps.

Pro Tip: Bring those palms out and hit the outer head of the bicep muscle (aka Bicep Peak)

Exercise 3: Bicep Peak Finisher

Start this one off with an incline bench around 45 degrees, and grab a straight bar or an EZ-bar with a close grip.

This will work the bicep peak much better than a wider grip on the bar and after you hit 10-12 reps I want you to grab a resistance band and put it between your feet for a high rep finisher!

The resistance band is one of the best tools to utilize that nobody uses! Try using this when you are fatigued, as it will keep the tension on the biceps the entire time!

Exercise 4: Shoulder Tri-Set (All 3 Heads Of The Shoulder)

Did you know that you have 3 heads of the shoulders? You have the front of the shoulder, side of the shoulder, and rear head of the shoulder. If you want those cannonball shoulders, you need to hit all 3 heads!

Part 1: Anterior Delt Raises

Bring a straight bar straight up and slightly out to hit your anterior deltoids – and go for about 10-12 repetitions with a fairly heavy weight. You should be close to failure at the end of all these sets.

Part 2: Incline Lat Raises

This is all about hitting the lateral head of the deltoids with the 45-degree incline lat raise.

Once again, go for high repetitions and do not worry about picking a heavy weight. This one is all about mind-muscle connection and you will get much better results when you pick a weight you can control.

Part 3: Rear Delt Raises (Seated)

This one is self-explanatory. Grab some light dumbbells and blast those rear deltoids with a huge mind-muscle connection on the posterior deltoid muscle!

Make sure you do about 10-12 reps on this one and get a good squeeze!

Exercise 5: Tension Squats

This is my favorite lower body exercise of all time because it forces you to put all of the tension on the hardest part of the barbell squat – the lower half.

I want you to pick a weight that is about 50 percent of your 1 rep squat max – and stick the repetition at the very bottom “ass to grass” for about 5 seconds. Next subtly raise up but only about half way and do about 8-12 repetitions without going up all the way.

This will engage your hip flexors and force you to maximize your “weak point” muscle groups on the squat.

So that was my “insane once per month” workout regimen. Do you want more full body once per month workouts to unleash the anabolic beast? Let us know in the YouTube comments.

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