FST-7 Style Arm Workout: Biceps and Triceps Fascial Stretch Training

FST-7 training is a special type of training that both Mr. Olympia winners Jeremy Buendia and Phil Heath do in the off-season to bring up lagging muscle groups.

It was created by a muscle building mastermind by the name of Hamy Rambod – and the science of it is pretty genius.

By doing high volume and short rest time training, you are able to stretch the fascial tissue on top of the muscle giving it a greater potential for growth.

The more “stretchable” your fascial tissue is on top of your muscle the bigger that muscle can get. Now this is largely genetic of course, but with FST-7 style training we can actually stretch out the fascial tissue even more to yield bigger lean muscle gains!

“Fascial stretch training” is a great type of training for any naturally skinny guy to bring up a lagging muscle group.

I have found that this style of workout is ideal for biceps and triceps so I wanted to give you a complete FST-7 style arm workout so you can get some python arms!

Let’s get right into it…

FST-7 Style Training Rules

Before I get into the actual FST-7 arm workout its important that you learn how to execute this style of training.

FST-7 training can be categorized as “mind-muscle” connection training, as the goal should be to keep maximum tension on the muscle throughout each set.

Think of FST-7 training as the polar opposite of “ego lifting.” You are going to pick very light weights, and you are going to focus on squeezing the muscle throughout each repetition so you can break down the maximum number of muscle fibers and stretch the fascial tissue.

Every FST-7 style exercise in this workout I want you to follow this protocol.

  • 7 total sets
  • 8-12 reps per set
  • 45-seconds rest time MAX between sets
  • Flexing and static holding of muscle between sets

This means that you are going to be putting your arms through the gauntlet during this workout.

Are you ready to begin?

Underhand Grip Drag Curls

The start of the workout is going to be all about blasting those biceps! The underhand grip drag curl is a unique motion to train your biceps and will give you a massive pump in not only your biceps but your lats as well.

Make sure to keep the bar really close to your body for the entire repetition, and focus on channeling that “mind-muscle” connection in your biceps.

This is an easy exercise to mess up the tension, so make sure you keep the focus on your biceps so you can reap the benefits of sleeve tearing arms!

In between sets I focus on squeezing the biceps with very light weight and getting a huge pump on.

Make sure you watch the video so you can learn how to do this!

Underhand Grip Triceps Pushdown

Here’s one of my favorite triceps exercise of all time: The underhand grip triceps pushdown.

The biggest tip I can give you with this exercise is to make sure you don’t go “too high” on the way up, and you keep all the tension on your triceps and away from your shoulder joints.

In between sets I recommend doing some intense “isometric holds” of the triceps muscle go pump more blood into the muscle between sets.

Single Arm “Jerk Off” Curls

I know, I know very weird name! I learned this one from Greg Plitt on one of his famous exercise tutorial videos.

This is a great way to get a different type of bicep pump because the majority of the weight will be dispersed on the bottom of the straight bar giving you a unique pump.

Squeeze your biceps and come all the way across your body on this exercise and you will feel the burn of a lifetime.

Switch arms and rotate back and forth from using the left arm and then the right arm.

Dumbbell Triceps Kickback

This is a classic exercise and a great way to develop those horse-shoe triceps. Dumbbell triceps kickbacks FST-7 style are a great way to ensure that you aren’t picking too heavy of a weight and you are focusing all of your efforts on the “mind-muscle” connection of the exercise.

My recommendation for this one is to pick a weight that is lighter than you normally do, and keep your elbows in very close to your body.

Squeeze the triceps and rotate the palms outward on each repetition, and you will start to see (and feel) the results very quickly.

Single Arm Curls (Straight Bar)

Time for another bicep blaster to finish the workout strong. Think of single arms curls a lot like dumbbell palms-up curls except with major instability throughout the movement.

Single-arm curls with the added instability is a great way to work the little muscle fibers surrounding the biceps muscle, and get fuller skin tearing bicep muscles.

Make sure to keep your rest times short and switch between the left and right arms with zero rest time so you can optimize the fascial stretch potential of the single arm straight bar curls! 

Dumbbell Overhead Triceps Extension

The dumbbell overhead triceps extension is a great way to build mass in the triceps. You need to make sure you keep your elbows in throughout the movement on this exercise or you risk injuring your shoulder.

In between sets on this exercise I like doing a “triceps incline push-up” to force blood into the triceps and get a stronger mind-muscle connection between sets.

This is one of my favorite triceps mass builders and incorporating this into your FST-7 arm workout is a great way to get bigger arms.

Remember that over 60 percent of your arms are made up of your triceps!

That is the complete FST-7 style arm workout! Make sure to watch the video on YouTube so you can see precisely how to execute this awesome workout.

Have any questions? I’d love to hear from you in the comments section on the YouTube channel!


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