Deltoid Workouts: Get Massive Boulder Shoulders With This Insane Deltoid Workout

I hope you guys are ready for a ridiculous deltoid workout that will give you those incredible boulder shoulders. Nothing caps off an impressive physique better than some huge shoulder muscles. Boulder shoulders will make your physique appear wider and give you a much more aesthetic build.

Since naturally skinny guys have a really small waist, the wider they are able to make their shoulders and the larger they develop their deltoids the better their physique looks. This gives you the perfect looking physique. Wide and bulky shoulders with a small waist are very aesthetically pleasing. This workout routine will shape and sculpt your shoulders from multiple angles, giving you massive boulder shoulders.

Many skinny guys don’t put a large enough emphasis on their shoulder workout routine. A shoulder workout for mass is an intense regimen that will challenge all 3 heads of your deltoids. You also need to structure your deltoid exercises so that you have mass builders and shapers built into the same routine.

It’s time to take you on one of the best shoulder workouts of your life with this incredible boulder shoulder regimen. Try this on your next shoulder day, and you will have massive boulder shoulders in no time.

Exercise One: Slow Motion Dumbbell Shoulder Press


Sets: 3

Repetitions: 6-8


This is one of the best deltoid exercises you can do for developing mass in your shoulders. The key to this exercise giving you massive “boulder shoulders” is to maximize your time under tension. This is achieved by going extra slow on the decentric portion of the lift. This is when you lower the weight. Many skinny guys make the mistake of lowering the weight much too fast. You actually tear down more muscle fibers when you go slowly on the way down.

Slow motion training is one of the best ways to maximize your muscle growth. This makes for a very good shoulder workout. Make sure to go heavy on this deltoid exercise and perform no more than 6-8 repetitions. If you can do more repetitions than this, you need to increase your weight.

The best results are achieved when you go heavy and keep the motion slow and controlled. This will build mass in your shoulders and develop the lateral head. Check out the video for the perfect dumbbell shoulder press form. A good rule of thumb is that you should take at least 3 seconds on the way down when you lower the weight.

Slow motion dumbbell shoulder presses will work your lateral deltoids – the largest middle part of your shoulder muscle.

Exercise Two: Dumbbell Arnold Press


Sets: 3

Repetitions: 6-8


The Dumbbell Arnold press is one of the best overall exercises for developing the front part of your deltoid muscle – the anterior deltoid. This is a really challenging exercise for most people, and you will be much weaker on the dumbbell Arnold press than the regular dumbbell shoulder press.

You can’t have a good deltoid workout without some dumbbell Arnold presses. Many skinny guys have very weak anterior deltoid muscles, and this contributes to an unbalanced physique and many shoulder injuries on other exercises such as the bench press and bicep workouts. If you want a rock solid foundation, make sure to emphasize the dumbbell Arnold press in every single one of your shoulder workouts.

Exercise Three: Dumbbell Lateral Raise (Single Arm With Lean)


Sets: 3

Repetitions: 10 each arm


This will be an isolated shoulder movement that will put a huge emphasis on your lateral deltoid. The key to this really blasting your shoulders and giving you a great deltoid workout is to use your other arm to create an angle and lean outward.

Make sure to watch the YouTube video to learn how to do it properly. By creating this angle during the movement, you will be able to create an extra angle and put more emphasis on your lateral deltoid muscles.

It is good to have variety with your deltoid workouts, and working each arm separately will help you sculpt and define your shoulder muscles very quickly.

Exercise Four: Seated Dumbbell Rear Deltoid Raise


Sets: 3

Repetitions: 10


This exercise will put a huge emphasis on your posterior deltoid muscles. Your posterior deltoid muscle is located on the back of your shoulders toward your trap and back muscles. Developing this muscle will really take your physique to the next level and give you those great looking boulder shoulders.

Most guys don’t work out their posterior deltoid muscles enough, and some have never worked this muscle at all. Up until about a year ago, I had hardly worked my posterior deltoid muscles.

I started training my posterior deltoids really hard using this exercise and some barbell rows that isolated the back of my shoulder, and I noticed a visual difference in my physique instantly. I couldn’t believe how much wider and powerful my shoulders looked after incorporating more posterior deltoid work into my regimen.


This is a complete shoulder workout routine that will give you massive boulder shoulders in only 12 sets. This workout routine isolates each head of the deltoid muscles. You will be working your lateral deltoids with the slow motion dumbbell shoulder press and the dumbbell lateral raise with a lean. Your anterior deltoids will be developed with the dumbbell Arnold press. Last but not least, you will sculpt wide and powerful shoulder muscles with the seated dumbbell rear deltoid raise.

If you want the best beach body in a few months, make sure to put a huge emphasis on your shoulder workout routine because when you have a small waist, it really caps off your physique and gives you the ultimate male body!

Happy lifting and happy bulking season! Make sure to catch the video to see how I perform each of these exercises.

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