Chest Workout At Home For Men (Build Mass Without Equipment)

One of the biggest X factors to shocking your body into growth is incorporating new forms of resistance and training.

If you are like me and have been solely doing gym workouts for the last 12 months, it might be time to try out some crazy bodyweight workout routines.

On top of needing to change up your workout routine, bodyweight workouts are an excellent way to get in a workout anywhere.

The first time I tried out this chest workout routine I was in vacation last week in Los Angeles. I was traveling for a convention, and needed to get in a chest workout but the hotel gym was a joke.

I decided to change things up and head to the beach and do a bodyweight workout. I actually had one of the best chest workouts of my life! My body was so use to just lifting heavy weights in the gym, and the combination of hitting new muscle fibers and doing higher rep + short rest time training was just what the mass gaining doctor ordered!

My new favorite way to train is a combination of doing heavy weight (because its just FUN lifting heavy weight, and doing high repetition + short rest time training.

With this type of training you get the best of both worlds. I got a massive upper chest pump with this workout – which was precisely what I was striving for. Most guys are lacking an upper chest, and doing bodyweight exercises is a perfect way to target these muscle fibers.

Next time you are on vacation and need a sick chest workout – or simply anytime you want to change up that boring chest day routine try this workout!

Too early to tell if it helped boost my bench press max (I’ll be doing chest day next week again in the weight room) – but my upper chest felt an amazing pump so I know it was working.

Remember – if you want to pack on serious mass you need to train like a bodybuilder and that means a powerful MIND-MUSCLE connection. This means you are focusing in on the muscle you are working and SQUEEZING the hell out of it.

Let’s dive into this chest workout routine!

The Chest Workout Routine You Can Do Anywhere!


Let’s blast through this workout! You can do this literally anywhere and when I say ZERO EQUIPMENT I mean absolutely no equipment. (unless you count the floor.)

Exercise 1: In-Out Push-Ups

Start with your hands about shoulder width apart and go down for a regular push-up. On the way up explode off the ground and land with your hands just outside shoulder width apart. You will be going back and forth placing your hands inside and then outside.

Go hard on this exercise and make sure to explode off the ground and contract those pectorals.

Exercise 2: Eccentric Shoulder Tap Push-Ups

This chest exercise sounds simple enough but gives you a great pump across the center of your chest. Start of in regular push up formation, and go down slow and controlled to a count of 3 seconds (hence the “eccentric” part of the push up). Next you are going to come up and tap your left shoulder with your right hand on the first rep. on the next rep you are going to switch this up, and tap your right shoulder with your left arm. Continue on until you are fatigued!

Exercise 3: Chest Tap Push Ups

Next up we got the chest tap push ups. This is very similar to the shoulder tap push ups except you won’t be going down in an eccentric fashion, and you will be tapping your chest instead of your shoulders. This works a different portion of your chest and is a great way to change it up right after the shoulder tap push ups.

If you feel like a beast try doing the chest tap push ups with 2 hands (as in tapping your chest with both hands at once instead of alternating)

Exercise 4: Eccentric Diamond Push-Ups Superset With Upper Chest Isometrics

This is a killer upper chest finisher. Eccentric diamond push ups superset with upper chest isometrics is the best upper chest shaper on this list.

First of all, you will place your hands together in a diamond formation, and go down to a count of 3 seconds. By putting your hands closer, you target the upper pectoral muscle fibers. Directly after you go until failure on this movement, you want to do an isometric hold targeting the upper chest.

Make sure to watch the video so you know how to pull this isometric hold off!

Try out this chest workout routine and let us know in the comments what you think! What muscle group should we feature next for a bodyweight routine?

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