Arm Workout At Home For Bigger Biceps & Triceps (NO EQUIPMENT!)

What’s going on my dudes! I am really excited to bring you a biceps and triceps workout today with absolutely zero equipment.

I have got a lot of questions recently from guys looking for workouts they can do at home. Most guys are familiar with the traditional body weight exercises like the push ups, wall sits, and bodyweight squats – but few guys know of any exercises they can do for their arms with no equipment.

I had to really get outside my comfort zone and think of some unique tricks to work out my biceps and triceps at home with no equipment.

I know you are going to thoroughly enjoy this bicep and triceps workout – and it will help you sculpt larger and more defined arms from the comfort of your own home.

This workout is for guys who don’t have access to traditional gym equipment and still want to train for mass building, as well as guys looking for a few extra training hacks to take their bodybuilding goals to the next level.

I am going to be honest – I was never a fan of bodyweight training and didn’t see the point of it if you are training for size and strength.

My opinion towards bodyweight training has changed forever after trying some of these out myself. Not only were my biceps and triceps challenged differently when filming this workout, but I was able to add new forms of stress and overload to them that I wasn’t accomplishing in the gym.

I’m still going to train like an anabolic machine in the gym, but will certainly be adding in forms of bodyweight training like this arm workout into my routine.

Are you ready to see a highly unusual arm workout at home with no equipment?

Let’s dive into the workout and start busting some sleeves off…

Exercise 1: Doorway Curls


Alright, time to get this party started. The doorway curls exercise is the hardest one to explain, so make sure you watch the video so you can see how to do the perfect doorway curl for sleeve busting biceps!

You are going to be working out each arm one at a time, and all you need is a doorway with ridges to perform this exercise!

Start off with your feet staggering the doorway for stability, and your hands facing each-other on the doorway hinges while you lean back slightly.

Bring your thumb closest to your body and have your palms resting against the doorway hinge. Lean back and pull your entire body back and forth on a plane placing all of the tension and overload on your biceps. With this one – its important to keep stable and not go back all the way.

You want to place all of the tension on your biceps, and turn your wrist slightly outward to feel the contraction in your biceps peak.

Make sense? Make sure to watch the video so you can nail this biceps exercise!

Exercise 2: Kitchen Counter Curls With Isometric Hold


This is certainly a strange exercise – but the best way to mimic the traditional barbell curl exercise at home with no equipment.

All you need is a kitchen counter top that you can place your hands under (and make sure its sturdy! Lol)

With your feet staggered apart and your palms facing up and pushing against the counter top you will push up as hard as you can be putting all of the tension on your biceps muscle.

It is ideal if you have a kitchen counter that is a little taller than your waist line, but you can bend your knees to adjust the height and make it a perfect set up for this exercise. Play around with your hand placement and with how much you bend your knees and find your “sweet spot” where you can feel the maximum tension on your biceps muscles.

I prefer a grip that is about shoulder width apart, and my knees slightly bent to adjust to my kitchen counter top height.

After doing a set to complete failure – we are going to dive into a biceps isometric pose to create healthy micro-tears on our already fatigued biceps.

Go until failure on both parts of this biceps superset and you will have the arm pump of a lifetime!

Exercise 3: Diamond Triceps Push-Up with Isometric Hold


Next up we have a classic variation to a bodyweight staple exercise. Diamond triceps push-ups are a great way to not only work out your upper chest but also develop powerful horseshoe triceps.

The mind-muscle connection on this one is huge – as you really have to force the tension to your triceps and squeeze them as you lock out each diamond triceps push-up. When I do this exercise I can focus and switch between putting tension on my chest and triceps. This is the power of a mind-muscle connection!

Focus on squeezing and contracting those triceps muscles during each repetition and you will get the biggest bang for your buck.

Perform the diamond triceps push-up set until complete failure – and when your triceps are toasted make sure you go right into an isometric flex hold to further create those healthy micro-tears.

How long do you hold the isometric triceps pose for? As long as you can! If you want to reap the most benefits to this type of training the intensity has to be there – just like you are doing a set of heavy squats or deadlifts.

Try four total supersets for a complete arm blaster!

Exercise 4: Doorway Triceps Push-Backs


This triceps exercise will be completed in the middle of your doorway – so every time you walk through a door you can make some gains!

This one is going to mimic the same range of motion of traditional dumbbell triceps kickbacks with the wrist rotation.

Start off by standing in the doorway with your feet about 6 inches ahead of the doorway opening. You will be bent over in an athletic position and you will place the side of your clenched fist on the wall to the right when you are working your right hand, and you will flip around and do the opposite when you are working your left hand.

Push back as hard as you can directly on your hand so you can feel maximum tension on your triceps. The goal with this exercise is to hold the positon for 30 seconds with maximum tension on the triceps. The key is to make sure you are pushing back as hard as humanly possible – and feeling the tension in your triceps.

If you want to take this exercise a step further try another isometric hold when your triceps are fatigued. This one may seem strange but is the best way I have found to work out my triceps with no equipment from the convenience of my home.

This wraps up my arm workout at home for bigger biceps and triceps! Did I miss anything?

Please let me know if you have any other arm exercises with no equipment so I can keep taking my training to the next level!

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