man flexing big back musclesWhen you start a weight training program to get big muscles, whether it’s simply for getting a bigger, more attractive body, improving your performance in your sport, or for bodybuilding, one of the most sought after objectives is to get big muscles in less time.

In order to bulk up and get big muscles all over your body, you will need to seriously look into your diet as well as the weight training you’re doing. A good weight training routine without a supporting muscle building diet will not get you the big muscles that you desire. Please remember that.

This article however, focuses on three main ways that you can bulk up in half the time. Why half the time? Because most people don’t follow these rules! Using these methods, you’ll start gaining faster and people will notice.

Include Squats, Dead lifts and Bench Press in Your Training

bench pressSquats, dead lifts, and the bench press are what I call the ‘Big Three’ exercises that every guy should have in his workout routine. When done properly and regularly, the ‘Big Three’ use 75% of all your body’s muscles in one way or another.

The squat might appear to be just a leg exercise focusing only on the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves and gluts, but it also utilizes the back, torso and shoulder muscles to support the weight. All these muscles are major muscle groups of the body, hence the usefulness of the squat to work out the bulk of the body.

[adrotate group=”1″]Similarly, the dead lift, although deceptively simple to perform uses a whole range of muscles from the shoulders, arms, torsos and legs to support the exercise. The bench press is predominantly an upper body exercise, but the entire upper body is used. These areas include the chest, shoulders, arms and torso.

In addition to large number of muscle groups involved, these exercises also release more growth hormones and induce greater stamina training when performed. For a beginner weight trainer, it will be wise to start with these three exercises in your routine so that more muscle groups are worked at one go.

Use Compound Exercises in Your Training

squatsCompound exercises are movements that use more than one muscle group. When you start weight training to get big muscles, it’s important to make use of as many compound exercises as possible. Compound exercises will also activate more muscle fibers which will induce more growth.

Another reason for using compound exercises is it increases testosterone and growth hormone levels more than isolation work. So the advice for these aspiring weight lifters is to stick to compound exercises like squats, dead lifts, bench press, barbell rows, pull ups, chin ups, military presses and dips.

It’s a good idea to use weight lifting gear like lifting straps, lifting gloves, a dip belt, etc. to help you lift the most weight possible.

Use Optimal Rest Time in Your Training

man restingIn general, the closer you lift to your one repetition maximum, the longer your required rest period to ensure maximal recovery of energy levels in the muscles. The higher the number of repetitions (further away from a one rep max), the shorter the rest duration required.

We must not overlook this important variable in our training. Ensuring that our muscles are rested sufficiently between sets will mean that greater contraction can be forced out of the muscles in subsequent sets. This will stimulate the muscles more for greater growth and bigger muscles.

Imagine if you start a new set before completely recovering from the last one? Your muscles are basically exhausted and they will not be capable of 100% contraction force for the next set. Less muscle fiber stimulation will occur.

Determining the rest interval in between sets comes from experimentation in your training. You’ve got to give your muscles enough time to recover before you begin your next set. Usually between 2 – 3 minutes is enough time.

When you begin weight lifting to get big muscles, you need to use the ‘Big Three’ exercises; supplement them with more compound exercises and ensure that sufficient rest is catered for between sets. Only by doing this will you be able to work at an optimal level for peak results and maximum muscle gain.

For the fastest muscle gains you should be following a specific muscle building program that covers all aspects of bulking up including dieting, weight training, natural hormones, supplementation, and more.

One reputable program you can start using right now is Jeff Masterson’s Weight Gain Blueprint program which you can find at

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