Chest Workouts For Mass: Incredible Chest Workout Routine For Strong, Muscular Pecs

It is time to put your ineffective chest workout in the garbage, and try out the “incredible mass building chest workout.” This workout is designed to give you a strong and muscular chest.

I have seen first hand many guys simply hit the bench press for 5 sets, and move on to the next body part. There is far more to an effective chest workout routine than the bench press. To build a strong and muscular chest you have to shock the muscle fibers with a unique regimen.

mass-building-chest-workout-troy-adashunThe problem with most guys’ chest workouts is that they work the middle part of their chest, but do not properly hit the upper, lower, and width of the chest. This workout is designed to sculpt and carve your chest for incredible looking pectorals. You will have a chiseled upper chest, defined middle chest, and wide sculpted and powerful pectorals.

This is one of the chest workout routines that I use to get ready for any fitness photo shoot or fitness-modeling job. Perform this workout twice a week for optimal results. You want to make sure you are challenging yourself on each set, and lifting until failure. This is the key to great results; pushing yourself past your mental and physical comfort zone will ensure great results.

The Incredible Mass Building Chest Workout

This is a hardcore regimen that includes 8 total exercises and 3 different supersets. You will be performing 3 sets of everything for a grand total of 9 supersets and 6 regular sets.

This workout should last you about 45 minutes. Try not to rest for more than 90 seconds between sets and keep your repetitions range in the 8-12 range.

Exercise #1: Decline Pushup, Superset With Barbell Bench Press

decline-pushups-troy-adashunYou will first perform decline pushups until failure. Start with your feet on the bench and your hands on the ground shoulder width apart. Lower your body with your feet stable on the bench and your chest over your hands. This will emphasize your upper chest. Perform the decline pushups until failure and then go right into the barbell bench press.

This will be much harder since your chest is already pre fatigued. Keep your elbows in and perform the barbell bench press with proper form, emphasizing control on the way down and explosion on the way up. This will improve strength and work the middle of your chest. Lift until failure and pick a weight that you can control for 8-10 repetitions.

You will be performing 3 sets of this with a 90-second rest between supersets.

Exercise #2: Clapper Pushups, Superset With Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

incline-dumbbell-press-troy-adashunThe first exercise of this superset is the clapper pushup. You will get in regular pushup position, lowering your chest towards the ground in a controlled manner. On the way up explode off the ground and clap your hands together in front of your chest.

This will build strength in your pectorals as well as shape the center of your chest as you clap your hands together.

Immediately after performing clapper pushups until failure get into the incline dumbbell bench press. Pick a heavy weight but make sure that you can control it for at least 8 repetitions. Go down slow and controlled and explode up. Keep your elbows in close to your body and focus on working your upper chest.

You will be performing 3 sets of this with a 90-second rest between supersets.

Exercise #3: Low Cable Flys, Superset With Diamond Pushups

low-cable-flys-troy-adashunThis is a hardcore superset that will shape and sculpt your chest from multiple angles.

Start off with the low cable flies. Drop the handles to the lowest position and pull up from the ground and squeeze your chest muscles together as your hands meet at the top of the movement in front of your chest.

You will perform 10-12 repetitions of the low cable fly’s and immediately upon finishing get right into the diamond pushups. This will emphasize your upper chest, while the cable fly’s work the lower and mid chest.

This is a perfect superset combination. Perform diamond pushups until failure. Perform this superset combination 3 times with a 90-second rest between supersets.

Exercise #4: Weighted Dips

weighted-dips-troy-adashunThis is one of the best overall chest exercises that will emphasize your lower chest, and give you a fantastic triceps workout at the same time.

You will need a weight belt to perform a weighted dip. You can pick these up at any sports store for about 20 dollars. This will allow you to add weight to great exercises like the dip and pull up.

Perform weighted dips and lower your body until your elbows are at about 90 degrees. Go heavy on this and perform 8-10 repetitions per set.

Perform 3 sets with a 90-second rest between sets.

Exercise #5: Dumbbell Alternate Bench Press On Fit Ball

alternate-dumbbell-press-swiss-ball-troy-adashunThis last exercise will cap off an incredible chest workout. This is my personal favorite chest exercise because the instability of the fit ball makes for a great all around chest workout.

Grab a pair of dumbbells, and go about 20 percent lighter than you usually do on the flat dumbbell bench press. Lay back with your upper back stable on the fit ball. Bring both dumb bells up and lock both arms. You will lower one arm at a time, while keeping the other arm locked in position while holding the weight.

Alternate arms and perform 8-12 repetitions per set. This one should burn!

Incredible Mass Building Chest Workout Conclusion

There you have it guys – The incredible mass building chest workout! This workout will give you an incredibly sculpted chest. You see a lot of guys with a big chest, but you hardly ever see someone with a sculpted upper and lower chest. This workout emphasizes the chest muscle from every angle and will give you a great looking chest.

Stick with this workout and try to increase your weight and number of repetitions each workout. The key to incredible results is progression. Good luck and enjoy the great pump you will get with this highly effective muscle-building chest workout!

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