Chest Exercises For Men: 4 Forgotten Chest Exercises That Grew My Pecs

Every single day on “international chest day” (Monday) I see the same boring chest routine. Guys hit the bench press, maybe do a few dumbbell incline presses, and then follow up this routine with a few pectoral flies.

If you want your chest to make size and strength gains you have to think outside the box and incorporate unique exercises that work different sections of your chest.

There is a huge problem with most guy’s chest development – and that is most guys have absolutely zero upper chest development and also lack a chiseled inner section.

Carving out that line in the middle of your chest and building a thick upper chest will set your physique apart from the other bros this summer, and is essential for maximum aesthetics.

If you only hit the bench press and a few “shaper” exercises you’re really missing out. So I wanted to come up with 4 chest exercises that not only you are likely not performing, but will also develop parts of your chest you aren’t working with your current routine like the inner muscle fibers and the upper chest.

After this article you will be calling me the Christopher Columbus of your pec gains – because we are about to help you discover that upper chest! Let’s get started.

Dumbbell Pullover Superset With Close-Grip Incline Pushup


I actually learned about the power of this exercise watching a video of Jeff Seid workout with Kai Greene. Kai Greene explained how just doing the incline bench press is not enough to get a chiseled upper chest.

You need to hit the upper chest from a different angle and get a squeeze – and this is precisely what the dumbbell pull over accomplishes.

Check out the video so you can see the exact form you need to perform with this exercise. It is truly all about the squeeze and contraction. Don’t even worry about how much weight you are lifting during this exercise.

If you are able to channel that insane mind-muscle connection on this exercise you will start to see upper chest development.

To take this superset to another level – I suggest that you perform some incline close grip pushups on a bench directly after the set.

Check out my sick chest pump as I go until failure after the dumbbell pullover set!

Hex Press


The hex press is a really unique dumbbell chest exercise. Most guys flair their elbows out during traditional dumbbell chest press exercises and only work the outer portion of their pectorals.

During the hex press you are going to keep the dumbbells close together and keep your elbows in.

What this accomplishes is focusing on that inner portion of your chest – developing a chiseled line down the center of your chest that makes you resemble a Greek god!

Make sure not to go very heavy on this exercise starting out – and channel that mind-muscle connection right to the center of your chest.

Keep your elbows in as you squeeze the weight up and you will feel a chest pull right in the center of your chest.

Eccentric Overload Chest Press


Contrary to popular belief – you actually build more muscle on the “eccentric portion” of the exercise. This is the part of the repetition when you are lowering the weight.

The key with this exercise is to go really slow on the way down so you are able to maximize the healthy micro tears that you create.

One of my favorite ways to utilize the eccentric overload style of training is with a machine. Machines allow you to control the weight much better than free weight exercises, and one of my favorite upper chest builders of all time is the iso incline chest press machine.

I try to go really heavy as you see in the video – and go for a full 3 seconds on the way down. When using a machine, you don’t have to worry about a spotter so you can go really heavy on this exercise and challenge yourself. Try this exercise at your gym and load up the plates as heavy as you can go and focus on squeezing that muscle for a full 3 seconds on the way down!

Wolverine Low Cable Fly


The wolverine low cable fly exercise is my personal favorite for sculpting the inner portion of your chest because you are forced to incorporate an “exaggerated motion” far past the normal low cable fly.

Wit the wolverine low cable fly exercise you are actually crossing your hands in the movement – getting an extra stretch on your chest muscles.

This is absolutely incredible at carving out your chest and the pump I get from this exercise far outweighs any other cable fly chest exercise.

Another really cool benefit is that you will likely feel like The Wolverine as you do this exercise and get an insane pump in your chest and arms!

These are my 4 favorite “forgotten” chest exercises that grew my pectorals. Make sure you try these out on chest day as they will help to develop weak points in your chest you likely are not hitting with your current workout.

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