Bicep Workout for Mass – Complete Workout Plan For Insane Arm Growth

The goal for pretty much every guy who works out is to build big and muscular arms. The best way to do this is with a wide variety of challenging exercises that will stimulate the maximum amount of muscle growth. It’s important to understand that in order for your arms to grow to their maximum potential you have to train your other body parts as well.

The perfect complement exercises to stimulate even more arm growth with this “bicep blast” workout are compound movements that work the major muscle groups of the body. Exercises like the bench press, squat, deadlift, and wide grip pull up will all help you add to your bicep growth as well.

The science behind this is very simple. These exercises will give you all around functional strength which is needed for your arms to grow. If your core, back, and chest muscles are not developed your arms will not develop and grow as fast. Another key reason why doing these exercises is important is because they work the largest muscle groups in the body which will stimulate the release of muscle building hormones like human growth hormone, and testosterone. Increasing your natural muscle building hormones during your training is a great way to unleash your genetic potential.

The following is a 3-day per week bicep workout that I have used to get ready for fitness modeling jobs. You will see a significant amount of growth in a short period of time. These workouts will stimulate the release of healthy hormones and all three are an incredible bicep workout for mass.

You need to lift heavy on numerous sets, and tear your maximum amount of muscle fibers with “time under tension” sets to build big and sculpted biceps.

“Time under tensions sets” is my favorite way of training, and many bodybuilders and fitness models use it. The problem with counting repetitions every set is your body gets use to doing a certain amount and your body adapts quickly to the workout. By going much lighter, and forcing yourself to complete a set of 60 second concentration curls for example, will place a new challenge on your bicep muscles and force them to adapt and grow.

Let’s take a look at this 3-day bicep workout for mass.

Note: These workouts all revolve around supersets. Read the descriptions on how to properly perform each superset bicep variation.

Bicep Blast Workout #1: Monday

Four Sets Of Hammer Curls, Superset With Palms-Up Dumbbell Curls

You will be performing the dumbbell hammer curls first and you should go very heavy on these. Pick a weight that you can perform 6-8 repetitions maximum.

For the palms up dumbbell superset you will pick a weight that is approximately half of your hammer curl weight and you will burn out your biceps and perform this set until failure. Let those biceps burn!

3 Sets Of Dumbbell Bicep 21’s

This one is a killer and will shock your biceps into immediate growth. You’ll grab a pair of dumbbells that you can control pretty easily. You don’t want them to be too heavy because you’re performing 21 repetitions.

You will be performing 7 reps doing a normal dumbbell bicep curl, and then 7 stopping halfway from the bottom, and 7 stopping halfway from the top. This will hit all of your bicep peaks.

3 Sets Of Across-The-Body Hammer Curls, Superset With Across-The-Body Bicep Curls

You will be performing across-the-body hammer curls and supersetting them with palms-up across-the-body bicep curl. This will work both angles of your bicep peak and will result in fuller and larger looking arms.

3 Sets Of Confusion Curls, Superset With Explosive Hammer Curls

Confusion curls are done by holding a different weight in each hand. For example, you may want to hold a 25 dumbbell in your left hand and a 30 lb dumbbell in your right.

What’s the point of this? You are tricking your body into a different routine that it is not used to, and shocking it to maximum growth. You want to make sure you switch up the weight in each hand for every set. Give your arms lots of different combinations. Superset this with explosive hammer curls. These are hammer curls done fast so your biceps are under tension the entire time. Keep the momentum going and go until failure on these.

Bicep Blast Workout #2: Wednesday

2 Sets Of Ez-Bar Bicep Curls, Superset With Reverse EZ-Bar Curls

The first set will be a regular ez-bar bicep curl with the standard grip. You want to go heavy on these since the rest of the workout will consist of high-repetition exercises. You will reverse your grip so your palms are facing out for the ez-bar superset. This will hit a different angle of the bicep muscle.

2 Sets Of Ez-Bar Curl 21’s With Grip Changes, Superset With Close-Grip Ez-Bar Curl 21’s (With Form Changes)

This may be the toughest superset on the entire 3 day bicep blast. You want to make sure you grab a light ez-bar because you will be performing a lot of repetitions with this.

For the first set you will be performing 7 reps of each curl, alternating your grip. You will do a very wide grip, close grip, and normal grip on the ez-bar.

The second ez-bar curl 21’s will be done by using a close grip on the ez-bar. You will perform 7 full repetitions, 7 stopping halfway from the bottom, and 7 stopping halfway from the top. This one will burn those biceps to complete exhaustion!

3 Sets Of Single-Arm Ez-Bar Curls

You wont see this one performed at the gym very often. Make sure to grab a light ez-bar. I recommend 20 or 30 lbs depending on your current strength levels. Hold the bar in the very center and curl it as if you were performing palms up dumbbell curl. Since the ez-bar is so long your bicep will be forced to stabilize the movement.

Bicep Blast Workout #3: Friday

3 Sets Of Seated Bicep Curls

This is the standard seated bicep curl. Make sure you go heavy on these to stimulate maximum muscle growth. You will be seated so you will be forced to use your biceps during the entire movement and not throw your back into the lift.

Note: Reversing your grip will give your biceps a different burn. This is one of my favorite bicep exercises, as it will give you a maximum amount of burn.

2 Sets Ez-Bar Curl, Superset With Across-The-Chest Bicep Curls

The first exercise of the superset is the standard ez-bar curl. Go heavy on these and perform 6-8 reps per set.

The superset exercise is done standing up. Hold the dumbbell like you are doing a hammer curl, and lift the dumbbell into a bicep curl, but stretch it across your chest so your thumb and opposite pectoral muscle touch. Return slowly to the starting position and start back with the other arm.

3 Sets Of Dumbbell Alternating Straight-Arm Bicep Lifts, Superset With Standing Inner Bicep Curl And Ez-Bar Halfway Burnouts

This will cap off an incredible week of bicep work. A “tri-set!” This tri-set is 3 exercises performed in a row. Think of this as a mega superset.

You will start off performing a dumbbell alternating straight-arm bicep lift. Make sure you are not bending your elbow too much at the top of this movement.

Superset this with a standing inner bicep curl, keeping your palms facing out at a 45-degree angle.

End this tri-set with the ez-bar halfway burnouts. Make sure you are starting from the bottom of the movement and not going past the halfway point. This will put all of the emphasis on your lower biceps.

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