Weight Gain Protein Shake: 2,400 Calorie Peanut Butter Gorilla Mass Builder

I see it in the comments on our YouTube videos all the time: “I just can’t gain weight!” I was doing a lot of online coaching in the last year and creating custom meal plans for guys looking to gain mass as fast as humanly possible, and almost everyone was surprised by how many calories and how much food they needed to eat for mass building.

I’m a firm believer in lean bulking myself and I figured out for my 190 lb. frame that I would need to eat about 3,500 calories to gain muscle mass efficiently.

This may seem like a lot of calories and food to eat, but when you have a few tricks up your sleeve it becomes extremely easy!

Today I’m going to disclose my top-secret weight gain protein shake recipe that contains a whopping 2,400 total calories!

That’s right… a 2,400 calorie mass building shake that will turn you into an anabolic machine. Even if you have to consume 4,000 total calories per day to gain weight, knocking out almost half of those total calories in 1 shake make it pretty darn easy!

If you are a serious hard-gainer this shake recipe is for you. Back when I was struggling with my weight gain I was about 130 lbs. and I thought that I was eating a calorie surplus, but BOY was I wrong.

If you guys want to take your gains to the next level, you really should invest in some calorie counting devices like a food scale and “My Fitness Pal” app. These are good tools to ensure that you will be at the proper calorie surplus which will create that anabolic environment.

Curious how in the world I am able to pack in 2,400 calories into one shake? Let’s get right into it!

Weight Gain Protein Shake Ingredients


Let’s first take a look at the total ingredient profile for this weight gain protein shake and talk about how each ingredient will help you build lean muscle mass.

Chocolate Almond Milk (2 cups = 240 calories)

Almonds are a great natural muscle builder and are loaded with magnesium. When you are in a calorie surplus it can be difficult on your stomach to consume a lot of dairy so we are using chocolate almond milk for a calorie laden liquid base in this shake.

MCT Oil (4 tbsp. = 500 Calories)

MCT Oil is one of the best natural energy boosters in the world and will give you a great surplus of calories without causing you to pack on body fat.

MCT Oil is very similar to liquid coconut oil – and if you are trying to stay lean while getting in the perfect amount of calories for maximum muscle building MCT oil is an amazing addition to get more calories.

Bananas (2 bananas = 240 calories)

When you are training like a beast in the gym trying to make all kinds of gains you need to ensure that your body has a surplus of electrolytes and simple sugars for optimal recovery and growth.

Bananas are loaded with fructose (the simple sugars in fruit) – and are also really high in potassium. Two frozen bananas in this smoothie make for a perfect treat that adds flavor and texture.

Peanut Butter (6 tbsp. = 600 Calories)

Peanut butter is a skinny guys best friend as it contains a high amount of calories, protein, and healthy fats.

Protein is crucial for muscle growth, but if you are a skinny guy struggling to get in enough calories to enter a prime muscle building surplus, adding in healthier fats is the easiest way.

Six whole tablespoons of peanut butter add in about 600 total calories!

Complex Whey Protein powder (2 scoops = 240 Calories)

Two scoops of a high quality complex whey protein powder add in a perfect array of slow, medium, and fast digesting proteins. This is great for muscle growth and recovery so your muscles get drip fed anabolic fuel over the course of several hours – instead of all at once.

By combining some forms of egg and casein protein that digest slower – this shake helps you pack on gains all day long.

Honey (4 tbsp. = 240 Calories)

Honey is a natural antioxidant and adds in some simple sugars that will boost the flavor of this shake. Honey has more health benefits than simple white table sugar which is processed – so this makes for a sweet and decadent addition to the smoothie recipe.

Dark Chocolate Chips (6 tbsp. = 360 Calories)

Dark chocolate chips are a perfect mix in to this smoothie recipe as dark chocolate is loaded in calories and muscle sparing antioxidants.

Believe it or not dark chocolate (especially the stuff above 70 percent) – makes for the perfect antioxidant treat.

Dark chocolate is one of the highest antioxidant foods in the world – and adds in almost 400 total calories to this shake.

How To Consume This Weight Gain Protein Shake


Calling all SERIOUS hard gainers. If you are skin and bones and are desperate to gain weight as fast as humanly possible, drink this 2,400 calorie shake daily. Yes – every single day whether you are working out or not.

When you combine a very high calorie surplus with a program that contains elements of progressive overload like the Weight Gain Blueprint – you have the perfect formula for gaining a ton of weight very quickly.

Packing on mass isn’t rocket science – and once you train to improve strength and feed your body a calorie surplus you will find gaining weight a walk in the park.

If you are not a serious hard gainer and rather following a “lean bulk” – try out this weight gain protein shake as a meal replacement shake when you are short on time between meals – or as a really anabolic post workout shake.

If you are following a lean bulk – consuming this shake just 3 times per week will add in 7,200 extra calories. Remember on a lean bulk, all it takes is about 300-500 calories over maintenance so this should give you more than enough anabolic ammunition.

Hope you guys enjoyed this recipe and I will be in touch really soon with some hardcore bulking hacks!

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