Pro Complex Gainer By Optimum Nutrition: My Complete No-BS Review

Time for another mass building review. I know you guys are hitting your local supplement stores and see all of these fancy “mass builders” – so I take it as my responsibility to lead you guys in the right direction and make an informed choice.

I know from first hand experience that I have wasted a ton of money on mass gaining supplements over the years and I don’t want to see you young guys make the same mistake I did!

If I had to guess I spent over $3,000 on worthless bodybuilding products between the ages of 18 and 21. I spent money on “all science and no hype” test boosters, and tons of mass builders with giant bodybuilders on the cover.

pro-complex-gainer-optimum-nutritionI was reading a book the other night and it really reminded me of the supplement industry. The most successful products do not succeed because they are selling anything special, they succeed because they do the best at selling a certain emotion.

If you walk into a supplement store and are struggling with your gains you are extremely susceptible to buying something off pure emotion and no logic.

If you pick up a mass gainer by the name of “Extreme Super Pump Mutant Mass” and you see a picture of a screaming Komodo Dragon with 27 inch biceps – chances are that you are going to think that this supplement is far more effective for your gains than the plain looing tub of “whey isolate.”

Now I’m not saying that all “mass builders” are hogwash – so I was actually quite excited to review this one as it has a lot of great benefits.

Pro Complex Mass Gainer is a pretty good supplement overall – so let’s take a look at my unbiased review. (I make no money by reviewing this supplement.)

Pro Complex Mass Gainer: The Pros

Let’s start this off with the good things.

Pro Complex Gainer has a pretty decent macronutrient profile if you take a look at the “per serving” macros.

There are 650 calories, 60 grams of protein, 85 grams of carbohydrates, and 8 grams of fat per serving. Overall Pro Complex Gainer also contains 25 vitamins and minerals.

I’m going to rate the ingredient profile a B+ as it has a good anabolic blend of protein and carbohydrates – and although it contains some filler and artificial ingredients, it doesn’t have as much as some of the mass builders I’ve reviewed.

Here are the pro’s that I came up with:

  1. Ingredient profile is good and it will increase protein synthesis.
  2. Good post workout anabolic blend of protein and carbs.
  3. Great overall taste.
  4. Works Best in my opinion as a post workout shake.
  5. Good source of healthy fats as it contains MCT’s.

The biggest benefit I see for Pro Complex gainer Is as a high calorie post workout shake vs. a “meal replacement shake.”

This is not a good replacement for a regular bodybuilding meal, but as a post workout or even intra workout shake it is pretty solid as it contains a good anabolic blend of protein, glutamine, carbs, and vitamins and minerals.

Pro Complex Gainer: Cons

Let’s dive into the cons of pro complex gainer.

I’m not a huge fan of the large scoop size for one. These serving sizes are really big and you are going to get a ton of powder in each scoop. It makes it pretty difficult to get 1 serving size down using a standard shaker cup.

The price is also really expensive. I’ve seen the pro complex mass gainer as expensive as $68.00 on some sites and even on Amazon prime it was well over $50.00.

I like that it has a good amount of L-glutamine – but you can purchase this ingredient by itself for very cheap on Amazon.

When it comes down to it I’m comparing the $60 it will cost for this tub of pro complex gainer vs. all of the other potential options.

Overall list of cons:

  1. Large scoop size per serving.
  2. Very expensive for what you get.
  3. Still contains some artificial ingredients.
  4. Not the best use of your hard earned money as I only see benefit as a post workout shake.

Pro Complex Gainer: Final Thoughts

In my opinion you are going to skyrocket your gains if you spend $60 on lean grass fed beef and organic whole eggs vs. this supplement.


One lb. of 95 percent grass fed beef at whole foods contains creatine, CLA, healthy fats that will boost your testosterone, and about 90 grams of muscle building protein from one of the best all natural sources.


12 dozen organic eggs contain omega 3’s, healthy testosterone boosting fats, and 72 grams of protein per carton.

For the same $60 you can buy 5 lbs. of lean grass fed beef and two dozen organic eggs!

That’s about 600 grams of protein, tons of natural creatine, and enough healthy fats to skyrocket your testosterone levels.

I’m going with this all day over even the best mass building supplement!

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