Best Whey Protein For Skinny Guys To Build Muscle (My Top 3 Choices)

Many naturally skinny guys ask me what the best whey protein to build muscle is. There are a number of different ways of looking at this question, so this article is going to educate you on the many different forms of whey protein available to you and what the top three choices are when you factor in price, quality, taste, and their ability to help you build lean muscle mass and recover faster after your intense weight training workouts.

The best whey protein for men would be the perfect storm of muscle-building ingredients, price, and a high overall protein percentage. There are many whey protein powders that have a ton of junk and filler ingredients that will do more harm for your body than good. It is actually overwhelming and difficult to pick out the best whey protein in a supplement store because they are covered up by all of the bad options.

The best whey protein powder should also serve a purpose for different times of the day. Many of you can only afford to buy one kind of protein powder, and I remember being in the same position when I was in college. If you do your homework, you are taught that you need a whey isolate or whey concentrate for post workout and that you should take a casein protein at night for optimal recovery and a slower digesting experience.

This article is going to assume that you only want to invest in one kind of protein powder at a time, yet you need it to serve as an all around muscle builder. The three protein powders I’m going to discuss as the best whey protein for skinny guys to build muscle will be able to be consumed post workout, as a meal replacement, and even at bedtime. You can kill three birds with one stone!

Muscle Pharm Combat Powder

Best-Whey-Protein-for-skinny-guys-muscle-pharm-combat-powderMuscle Pharm Combat Powder is a new protein supplement that has taken the market by storm. It is one of the best whey protein powders because it contains a mixture of 5 proteins and a full spectrum of amino acids.

It tastes really good as well! The Muscle Pharm Combat Powder chocolate milk flavor tastes almost identical to Hershey’s chocolate milk when you mix it with vanilla almond milk or regular milk.

Being a naturally skinny guy, it is vital to get a mix of the best forms of whey protein so your body gets a wide variety of muscle-building amino acids. You get a full spectrum of proteins and amino acids with Muscle Pharm Combat Powder, and it contains 25 grams of protein per scoop with very low amounts of fat and carbohydrates.

Muscle Pharm Combat Powder contains 5 different kinds of protein that are a mix of fast digesting (whey isolate, hydrolyzed), medium digesting (concentrate and egg protein), and slow digesting (casein) proteins.

This means that you can take it to replenish your protein and amino acid levels post workout, or you can also use it as a meal replacement or bedtime shake.

Muscle Pharm Combat Powder also contains added BCAAs and L-glutamine, so you can save money by not having to purchase these supplements as well. I recommend that you buy a big 4-pound tub of this stuff, which contains 50 servings and will cost you around $50. This may seem like a big investment, but this will last you for an entire month and will serve as a post workout, meal replacement, and bedtime protein source when you need it with the addition of BCAAs and L-glutamine.

Muscle Tech Phase 8

Best-Whey-Protein-for-skinny-guys-muscle-tech-phase-8Muscle Tech Phase 8 is another high-quality protein powder that contains a mix of slow, medium, and fast digesting proteins with the addition of BCAAs, L-glutamine, and even digestive enzymes to help you break the protein down better.

Muscle Tech Phase 8 is a delicious-tasting option, and when you compare the ingredient profile to Muscle Pharm Combat Powder, they are very similar. It really comes down to the taste preferences.

Just like the Muscle Pharm Combat Powder, you can supplement with Phase 8 at any time of the day. It can serve as a powerful post-workout protein source, or you can use it as a meal replacement or bedtime shake.

The name Muscle Tech Phase 8 comes from the fact that this protein blend is formulated to drip feed your muscles with amino acids for up to 8 hours. This is perfect for any naturally skinny guy who has a very fast metabolism. The key to building lean muscle mass as a skinny guy is you want to stay anabolic and keep muscle-building amino acids in your blood stream. This is why purchasing a protein blend with a mix of slow, medium, and fast digesting proteins is a great investment.

Muscle Tech Phase 8 comes in a few delicious flavors, but I recommend sticking with the chocolate or vanilla flavors.


Best-Whey-Protein-for-skinny-guys-syntha-6Syntha-6 protein powder is another great choice for naturally skinny guys. Syntha-6 is a good protein powder for someone who is really young and doesn’t store body fat easily or someone who is entering a bulking season and doesn’t mind consuming a few extra carbohydrates.

Syntha-6 contains more sugar, filler, and carbohydrates than the others, but the taste is out of this world. Syntha-6 protein powder might be the best tasting protein powder on the market, and it also contains a mix of slow, medium, and fast digesting protein powders.

Syntha-6 comes in over 10 different flavors, and you really can’t go wrong with any of them. The peanut butter cookie is a personal favorite of mine, and the new release of orange cream is also very tasty. Syntha-6 contains about 15 grams of carbohydrates per serving, so if you are looking to stay really lean and don’t want the extra carbohydrates, you should stick with the other two options on this list.

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