anabolic steroid syringeIf you are looking to add serious muscle weight to your body through weight training, there’s one muscle building supplement above all others that is virtually guaranteed to work, and work incredibly well: Anabolic Steroids.

…I doubt that answer surprised you as just about anyone who has ever even seen a dumbbell is pretty familiar with steroids. (Or has at least heard of them before.)

What Are Anabolic Steroids?

On a more technical level, steroids are synthetically engineered products used to increase the production of testosterone in the body. They basically encourage the body to use a higher percentage than normal of the calories one ingests to specifically convert those calories to building muscle.

deca anabolic steroidsTestosterone is produced by the body for this purpose, of course, but when adding anabolic steroids to the mix, the results can be phenomenal. Huge gains in strength and muscle can be achieved.

It is widely known that professional athletes such as baseball players, football players, and yes, bodybuilders have been using them for years with obvious positive results.

Steroids enhance the muscular and masculine aspects of the body and can help one become stronger, leaner, and incredibly more muscular. If you are looking to build muscle fast, you would think that anabolic steroids are almost the perfect choice… Until you consider their side effects, that is…

Steroid Side Effects

[adrotate group=”1″]To begin with, through the use of controlled steroid use, it is possible to gain the positive results of steroid use while minimizing the negative side effects.

This can only be achieved through the most controlled of scenarios and even then, because dosages vary and it is difficult to ascertain just exactly HOW to use them properly, many who use them end up OVER using them and face unavoidable and negative side effects.

The fact that they are illegal poses a set of inherent risks as well. That being said, the use of steroids has been associated with a whole host of negative side effects. By using steroids, you are basically disrupting the bodies natural system of producing and managing testosterone. Because testosterone regulates so many processes, the list is fairly long.

Starting or increasing hair loss in men is a common problem. A decrease in sex drive is also commonly reported by users. What good is looking great if you don’t even have a sex drive? Testicle shrinkage is also something that a man must potentially deal with if he chooses to take the road of anabolic steroid use. To add insult to injury, men may often develop breasts while on the substance as well. But, if these traits affect men, what about women?

Women can be hit hard by the downside of these drugs as well. Increased facial hair, a deepening of the voice, an increase in the size of the clitoris, and even balding hair are potential side affects that many women report after their use of steroids.

In addition to these specific male/female traits, all who use steroids may face increased risks for skin disorders, strokes, and even cardiovascular disease. Simply looking at these facts should make anyone SERIOUSLY consider whether the risks are truly worth the reward.

There are many natural and healthy testosterone-boosting supplements available today that offer fantastic results with little or no side effects at all.

Still, some see the outcome they receive by using drugs to be worth the associated risks. The choice, as always, is up to the individual, but what good is looking good if you have to gamble with your health and even your life to do it?

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