tips to gain weightIf you’re on a mission to put on some quality muscle mass, the following tips to gain weight will be just what you need.

While there are many basic muscle building programs out there that you can use to build up some degree of muscle tissue, it’s only when you apply some advanced principles to that program that you really take things to a whole new level.

The following tips to gain weight will provide you with some ideas to get started.

Utilize Supersets

[adrotate group=”1″]The very first of the quick tips to gain weight is to try supersets. A superset is where you’re going to take two exercises and stack them immediately back to back, performing them with no rest in between.

This is a great way to up the overall intensity of the program and get the muscles to become more resistant to fatigue.

Most people will choose to stack opposing muscle groups or an upper body muscle with a lower body muscle, but you can also do same muscle supersets if you’re really looking for a challenge.

Or, if a superset is not enough, consider a tri-set where you perform three exercises in a row without any rest in between.

Consider Pre-Fatigue Sets

Another advanced technique that can be used to help you build muscle mass quickly is to utilize pre-fatigue sets. This is great when a major muscle group seems to be lagging behind and you want to do something to jump-start your progress again.

What you’ll do in a pre-fatigue set is perform one or two sets for the smaller assistant muscles that come into play for the main compound lift you’re going to perform, and then once those muscles are fatigued, you’ll move on to do the main compound lift once again.

So for instance, if chest is what you want to target, try doing some tricep extensions first and then do the bench press. This ensures that your triceps aren’t helping the chest too much when you execute that chest press.

Add Both Low And High Reps

One error that some people make is focusing strictly on just a single rep range. While there are rep ranges for each goal (strength, hypertrophy, and endurance), it can be helpful to utilize more than one rep range per workout.

Working in the lower rep range of 5-6 reps for your strength building compound exercises and then taking things higher to the 10-12 rep range for the isolated exercises can spark some additional growth and stimulate the body in new ways.

Some may even wish to take their compound exercises into the higher rep range depending on their overall protocol, so don’t overlook that either.

Consider The Tempo

Tempo is yet another area of the workout that you can tweak to bring about faster results. This one of those little-known tips to gain weight that commonly gets looked over as most people are just focused on completing the exercise, not on how fast they’re doing it.

But, varying the tempo can really have quite a strong influence on the results that you get, so it is something that you should give some consideration to.

Many people often use a 2-1-2 tempo pattern, which means two seconds to lift the weight, a one second pause at the top, and then two seconds to lower it, but to change things up, consider a 3-1-2 tempo.

Or, if you want to focus on developing some power along with strength, you may focus on a 1-2-3 tempo instead. This will get you contracting very quickly and forcefully off the start and then lowering the weight in an extremely controlled manner.

Try Carbohydrate Cycling

Looking to the diet side of things, one advanced technique to consider amongst these tips to build muscle is carbohydrate cycling.

If you’re someone who does have quite a bit of muscle size already and wants to focus on adding a few more pounds of very lean muscle mass, this is likely a good approach for you.

You’ll want to have higher carbohydrate days in your diet on those days you’re training intensely, and then use a lower calorie, lower carb approach on those days you aren’t training or just doing cardio.

This allows you to focus your mass gaining when your body is more ‘primed’ to put on weight, and then possibly even lose a little body fat on the off days when you aren’t.

Carbohydrate cycling is more commonly used by those looking to lose fat, but it can also be an effective strategy for mass building as well.

Adjust Your Rest Period

Finally, the last of the quick tips to gain weight is to consider adjusting your rest period. Taking shorter rest periods overall is one of the fastest ways to dramatically increase the intensity of the workout without making any other change.

Often people will let their rest periods drag on for much longer than they really should, so start timing these rest periods very closely. It may help to actually get a timer to use to monitor it, as then you can be absolutely certain that you’re resting as long as you’re supposed to be.

Just be sure that at no time your rest periods are causing you to sacrifice how much weight you’re lifting total.

Using These Tips To Gain Weight

So there you have some fast tips to gain weight. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use all of these strategies at once, but you should consider implementing them one by one into your workout sessions and diet plan so you can track the results.

Each will stimulate the body in a new way and help to keep it guessing and responding as to what comes next.

As you go about using these techniques, be sure to monitor the type of progress they bring you so you can add them to your arsenal of most effective methods to help boost your muscle gains.

If you’re still having trouble gaining weight, consider using a complete weight gain program. This is a program that shows you everything you need from start to finish, including what exercises to do, complete workout routines, what foods to eat, when to eat them, what supplements to take, and more.

One trusted weight gain program you can begin following is called “Weight Gain Blueprint.” It was created by my good friend Jeff Masterson and it can be found here:

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