Arnold showing how to gain weight fast for menLet’s talk about how to gain weight fast for men. Millions of skinny men worldwide wonder what the secret is to packing on more body weight and muscle mass, but yet few ever figure out the secret to actually obtaining this goal.

(Don’t worry, you’re about to find out how its done once and for all.)

Today we’ll talk about why some guys find it hard to gain muscle… And, what areas most men get DEAD WRONG.

Let’s go over some of the basic facts that you need to know about how to gain weight fast if you’re a man.

I’ll break it down into 5 simple steps…

How To Gain Weight Fast For Men – Step #1: Focus On Compound Movements

[adrotate group=”1″]The very first thing to always keep in the back of your mind as you start designing your weight lifting program for the gym is that you should be strictly focusing on compound movements as much as possible.

Compound movements are those that are going to stimulate a number of muscle fibers at once, thus leading to faster overall results.

Lots of guys make the mistake of performing compound exercise after compound exercise, which only leads to lengthy gym workouts and very little overall muscle growth.

The compound exercises are not only going to release more anabolic hormones in the body, but since you have more muscles working with each rep, you’ll be able to lift a higher sheer amount of weight as well.

Weight lifted does correlate with the amount of muscle you gain, so you can’t overlook this fact.

Step #2: Mind Your Workout Volume

workout volume stopwatchThe next step in learning how to gain weight fast is to watch your workout volume. Here’s another big area where many guys screw up. They’ll go into the gym and perform set after set after set.

Before they know it, their workout is 80 minutes long and they’ve completed at least 40 sets total.

Bad move…

Remember, your body only has so much recovery ability each workout and the more volume you perform, the further you eat into that recovery reservoir. If you’re constantly depleting yourself each and every time you hit the gym, it’s going to take longer after each workout to be feeling strong enough to come back again.

Instead, use a moderate volume. Hit the muscles as hard as possible with each set you do perform but don’t overdo it so you’re doing five plus sets per exercise.

There’s no reason to take it this high unless you’re on a very specific program that calls for high volume.

Step #3: Keep Tabs On Cardio Training

cardio for your heartThe next step to planning your workouts for mass building is factoring in cardio training. While some people subscribe to the thought pattern that all cardio training should be avoided as it will only burn precious calories that could be used for mass building, keeping some in the picture can be a wise move.

Not only will this enhance your cardiovascular shape so you’re less fatigued during the workout session, but it can also help up-regulate some of the fat burning enzymes in the body so you have a slightly lower chance of putting on excess body fat.

Just keep in mind that when mass building, cardio should never be used to prevent fat gain. If you’re building muscle and gaining too much body fat, this means you’re eating too many calories, not that you aren’t doing enough cardio.

Adding more cardio would take away from your recovery from your lifting, so while you want it in there, it’s still minimized.

Two to three, 20 minute lower intensity sessions will be enough to provide the advantages without it becoming detrimental to your progress.

Step #4: Look Towards Your Diet For Support

High protein muscle building foodsOnce you have your diet in order the next step to gain weight fast is to look at the diet you’re using. Often, men who want to build more muscle mass focus all their effort on their workout routine, but completely neglect their weight gain diet plan.

This again is a major mistake because if you don’t provide your body with the nutrients it needs for growth, no amount of gym work will help you gain weight.

Make sure that the diet you’re using provides a 250-500 calorie per day surplus over and above your maintenance calorie requirements and no less than one gram of protein per pound of body weight each day as well. There’s no need to take protein that much higher than this as more protein does not necessarily mean more muscle mass and past those requirements, you’d be better off adding carbohydrates or dietary fats.

Make sure that you do get a good mix of both of those nutrients to round out your calorie intake, focusing on especially placing a large dose of carbs right before and after the workout.

Step #5: Change Things Up Regularly

man lifting weights in mirrorFinally, the last thing that you must do if you want to succeed with the goal to pack on more lean muscle mass is to make sure that you are regularly changing your workouts around.

Your body is going to quickly adapt to whatever workout you happen to be doing, so if you’re going into the gym and performing the same workout over and over again, you’re going to eventually hit a training plateau.

You don’t necessarily have to move over to a whole new weight gain program very frequently, but you should adjust minor factors within your workout such as the reps used, the sets performed, the rest taken, the order of the exercises, and the exercises performed.

Small tweaks here and there can really pay off big-time when it comes to continually progressing and avoiding that plateau.

Amongst all these changes, every 4-6 months it is a good idea to take one complete week off to allow for extended recovery and then come back to a totally new program so the body is completely shocked by what you’re throwing at it. This will really keep it responding in the long term.

So there are all the steps that reveal how to gain weight fast for men. It doesn’t have to be difficult as long as you understand these basics and then take steps to get started.

If you want further instructions on how to gain weight fast, grab a reputable weight gain program and follow it. Any good weight gain program will give you everything you need to pack on muscle, including workouts, a weight gain diet, information about supplementation, and more.

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