Ectomorph Body Transformation: How I Gained 60 Pounds Of Muscle Weight (Before & After)

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Nothing is more challenging yet more rewarding than a crazy body transformation. Being an ectomorph and trying to gain lots of weight can be extremely challenging. You may have experienced some of these challenges already – and I want to tell you guys what worked for me and how I was able to transform from a skinny 140 lb guy with no confidence to a bulky and muscular 200 lb fitness model.

I want to get into the story of how I was able to pack on an incredible amount of lean muscle mass over a couple of years. I had a really interesting background with sports and fitness and struggled physically and mentally with a lot of the challenges associated with an ectomorph transformation.

An ectomorph mass building transformation is really interesting because you experience an uphill battle all the way through. This is not to say that it’s impossible – and if you follow a few of the crucial steps I lay out in this article you will be able to have very similar results.

An ectomorph body type basically means that you will have a much harder time packing on lean muscle mass than the other 2 body types. This does not mean that it’s impossible – it just means that it will be harder. This is a really fundamental concept for you guys to remember. Packing on lean muscle mass is not impossible and you can in fact do so at an incredible rate if you learn to manipulate your anabolic hormones and follow a few other crucial rules that I did during my transformation.

My Struggles With My Body Transformation

ectomorph-body-transformationI started off my fitness journey at world-renowned sports academy IMG in Bradenton, FL. I was a basketball player but I always enjoyed lifting weights and I started to get really into lifting weights as a junior in high school. Our coaches would always have us doing compound muscle building movements but I always saved my energy for bicep curls and other shaper exercises.

All I wanted was ripped arms and six pack abs and I didn’t see the correlation that lifting heavy weights would give me this physique. Little did I know I was going about it all wrong! My world-class trainers were exactly on point, and this would have been the perfect kind of training for my body type. You see- as a naturally skinny guy you need to lift heavy weights to build that thick and dense muscle fiber. Any radical ectomorph transformation involves lifting heavy weight on the major compound exercises.

About 2 years of training went by and I thought I was on track until I weighed myself. I was still only 150 lbs and although I had a little more muscle definition, I looked like “the skinny guy.” I didn’t want to be that super skinny guy with a tad bit of muscle definition. I wanted to be ripped and shredded and have a fitness model like physique.

I started learning about how the body works and manipulating my anabolic hormones in college. I got pretty serious into bodybuilding and had dreams of someday becoming a fitness model. Then about one year later everything started to click. I finally had the knowledge and resources to pack on an incredible amount of lean muscle mass and go through a radical body transformation.

I want to share my ectomorph transformation advice with you today and tell you what changed in my approach to gaining lean muscle mass. I know that you can go through a very similar transformation if you follow the tips and learn what worked for me during my transformation.

#1: Focus On Compound Exercises

compound-exercises-deadlift-manOne of the most important things you can do in any body transformation is to start focusing on increasing strength on the major compound muscle building exercises. Regardless of if your goal is to build muscle or lose fat – compound exercises are so important.

I always correlated having big arms and ripped abs to “spot training.” The fact is that compound exercises such as the dead lift, bench press, squat, barbell row and weighted pull up will help you get six pack abs much quicker than training your abs directly because of the anabolic effect this has on your muscle building hormones.

Lifting heavy weights and focusing on increasing your strength will help you boost all of your natural anabolic muscle building hormones. The higher your testosterone output is naturally and the more lean muscle mass you put on the higher your metabolism becomes and the more fat your body is capable of burning.

Another great rule of thumb is that you won’t put on size unless you increase your strength. If your bench press stays at 150 lbs can you expect to put on 10 lbs of lean muscle mass? During my body transformation I didn’t over think the process. I focused every single workout on increasing my strength on the compound exercises. That brings me to my second important point for an ectomorph body transformation.

#2: Keep A Workout Log

ectomorph-workout-logOne of the best things you can do to track your progress while you are on a crazy body transformation is to keep a workout log. Keeping a workout log is a visual reminder that you are increasing your strength. When I was going through my body transformation I used a workout log to make sure I was increasing my strength on all the compound exercises.

Say for example I bench pressed 225 lbs for 5 repetitions in my previous workout. I would look at this in my workout log and I would tell myself that NO MATTER WHAT I was going to do an extra repetition this workout or I would put on 5 more lbs and do another 5 repetitions. The powerful effect this has over time is truly incredible. Think of the compound effect this has if every single one of your workouts you are forcing yourself to get stronger and lift more weight.

Many skinny guys ask me how to gain weight and muscle. The answer is so simple: keep a workout log. This was one of the most important parts of my body transformation.

#3: Switch Your Cardio To HIIT

HIIT-cardioIf you are an ectomorph and are seeking a mass building body transformation you have to be really careful what kind of cardio you are performing. The kind of cardio you perform will make or break your progress.

When I started my ectomorph transformation I switched my cardio from static cardio, which involved running long bouts on the treadmill to HIIT. I started doing sprints and vertical jump training for my cardio and my muscle gains exploded. I was fortunate enough to come across some pretty conclusive research on the best form of cardio for muscle building and it changed my physique instantly.

High intensity interval training will force you to use your fast twitch muscle fibers, which will help you burn fat and increase your natural human growth hormone output. The best part about this cardio is that it has an anabolic effect on your body as opposed to static cardio such as long distance running which has a catabolic effect. This is where the phrase “muscle building cardio” comes from.

During my body transformation I did sprint intervals and plyometrics two times per week. This should be the cardio foundation of any ectomorph transformation.

#4: Follow A High-Quality Weight Gain Program

weight-gain-blueprint-program-for-ectomorphsOne of the best things for my ectomorph body transformation was following a structured weight gain program. A weight gain program will keep your goals organized and also help you track your progress. The Weight Gain Blueprint program was a key aspect to my radical body transformation.

You know the old saying, “failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” This is exactly what happens when a skinny guy is trying to pack on weight but has no structure in his approach. A good weight gain program will give you a structured approach to your mass building efforts and even supply you with a workout program that forces you to get stronger and make constant progressions. This was a huge catalyst to my incredible transformation. I felt like I was always getting stronger and always gaining weight so it was a lot easier to stay motivated.

A good weight gain program will give you razor sharp focus and a structured workout system and meal plan. A great weight gain program like the Weight Gain Blue Print will help any naturally skinny guy go through a radical body transformation.

Are You Too Skinny?

Follow This Same Step-By-Step Blueprint I Used To Gain 63 Pounds Of Rock-Solid Muscle:

Weight Gain Blueprint

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