Muscle Building Recipes: 3,100 Calorie Bacon Cheeseburger

If you guys thought my mass building smoothie recipes were insane you haven’t seen anything yet! I’m about to shock your body into some straight up mass building gains with my epic 3,100 calorie chocolate covered bacon cheeseburger recipe.

This recipe is a cross between epic meal time and anabolic greatness, as it contains a huge mega dose of calories that will make your bulking season gains effortless.

Back a few years ago I went to the Wisconsin state fair and saw this epic meal: A chocolate covered bacon cheeseburger on a Krispy Kreme doughnut!

I thought this was the most clever culinary creation I had ever seen, so I wanted to try and make a healthier version of this for you guys to enjoy during bulking season.

By the way, If you want to see what I ended up doing with the recipe after I got done cooking it make sure you watch the video (The gains went to a good cause!)

Believe it or not this recipe follows my principles and that is 80 percent healthy and 20 percent unhealthy during a “bulking” period.

If you want to make serious progress in the gym and have peak energy levels you should follow the 80/20 principle as well. While it makes it easier to eat a ridiculous amount of calories following a “dirty bulk” – you will also pack on a ton of body fat along the way.

So keep the “dirty” foods to under 20% of your diet.

3,100 Calorie Bacon Cheeseburger Muscle Building Recipe: The Ingredients

Here is what we are going to need for this recipe!

  • ½ lb. grass fed beef (I used 90%)
  • 1 package of bacon (Yes, an entire package!)
  • 4 tbsp. cooking oil (to cook the beef and bacon, I suggest olive oil and/or coconut oil).
  • 8 tbsp. dark chocolate chips (to coat the crispy bacon in).
  • ½ cup smashed avocado or guacamole.
  • 4 pieces of large whole grain bread.
  • 4 tbsp. of sweet chili sauce (or whatever sauce you like).
  • 4 slices cheddar cheese (or whatever cheese you enjoy).

As you can see, we have a vast array of ingredients in this delicious mass building recipe!

Let’s talk about why I included each ingredient.

Grass Fed Beef – This is my favorite mass building protein source as it not only contains high quality protein but also a ton of healthy fat, CLA, creatine, Iron, and Zinc. If I had to declare the “Batman and Robin” of muscle building protein sources, it would be grass fed beef and salmon!

Bacon – Bacon is loaded with fat, but fat is necessary for optimal hormone levels during bulking season. Some research has indicated that a diet high in saturated fat correlates to higher testosterone levels.

Dark Chocolate Chips – There is a method to my madness! Dark chocolate chips are actually really high in antioxidants, which are crucial for muscle recovery. They are also really high in calories and extra delicious on top of crispy bacon! This is one helluva culinary treat!

Avocado – Avocado is a perfect fat source for any guy looking to pack on mass. It’s very high in calories and also loaded with nutrition and contains over 15 essential vitamins and minerals! It also makes for a perfect compliment to the cheese and chocolate covered bacon in this recipe.

Whole Grain Bread – Slow digesting carbs are essential if you are looking to build lean muscle mass and gain weight. They will be your main energy source when you are working out, as your body needs a certain amount of glycogen in the muscle to perform optimally. In this recipe we are using 4 slices of whole grain bread.

Olive oil/coconut oil – these are two of the healthiest oils in the world and are a great way to add in extra calories to your diet. We will be cooking the beef and bacon with this oil. Olive oil is also listed as one of the best healthy fat sources for boosting those T levels!

Sweet Chili Sauce – This isn’t exactly a healthy sauce and has absolutely ZERO health benefits – but it is quite delicious and goes with my recipe!

Cheddar Cheese – Once again, cheese is fairly low in nutrition but it does contain some extra protein and fat, and makes this recipe a whopping 3,100 calories!

Chocolate Covered Bacon Cheeseburger: Total Calories: 3,100!

How Do You Make It?

Here is a quick summary on how I made this recipe.

  1. Cook the ½ lb. beef patty in 2 tbsp. olive oil until it is done medium or medium well.
  1. Next up we need to crisp our bacon, so cook the entire package of bacon in 2 tbsp. oil on medium heat. I suggest cooking it until it is extra crispy.
  1. Take the bacon off the pan and pad the oil off. Next up add the bacon in the melted dark chocolate mixture and let is cool off so the chocolate shell can harden.
  1. Wait about 15 minutes for the chocolate to harden a bit and we are ready to make our burger!
  1. Toast 2 slices of bread (we will be using 2 slices of bread toasted on the outside, and 2 not toasted on the inside so its easier to eat).
  1. Place the burger on the toast, and each of the 4 layers of bread place as much avocado, cheese, bacon, and sweet chili sauce as you can. I like to evenly distribute the ingredients for an optimal taste!
  1. Enjoy and devour!

Believe it or not I found something better to do with this burger than eat it myself… Check out the video if you want to see what I decided to do with it.

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