Clean Bulking Meal Prep For The Week

When it comes to clean bulking its essential to always be one step ahead of the game and have a never ending supply of meals to chow down on. If you are completely out of food in your fridge you are going to end up making very poor food choices.

Now I’m not against eating out while on a clean bulk, but it can get very expensive and it’s also inconvenient.

I wanted to put together a great resource for your clean bulking needs, because I know you’re in the kitchen making some serious gains during this time of the year.

I see you guys commenting and I know cooking and meal prep is a big sticking point for many of you during bulking season.

The beauty of this meal prep is that it will only take about 1-hour max in the kitchen and you’ll have food for the entire week!

I’m going to break this down by macronutrient because it’s easier to prepare if you break it down like this, and then combine everything into individual meals later.

Protein Meal Prep

Protein always needs to be on hand during a bulking period and if you are a lot like me you always seem to be running out of it.

Here are a few things that I do to make a ton of delicious and clean protein sources for bulking season.

Step 1: Bake 3-4 lbs. Of Chicken

In a minute you’ll see how you’ll have everything going to work in your kitchen at once. Your oven, microwave, and frying pan will all be utilized during this meal prep.

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees and throw in a ton of marinated chicken breasts (I prefer olive oil, garlic, and pepper for the marinade) and let them cook for about 35-40 minutes while you are doing everything else in the kitchen.

Just make sure you set a timer so you don’t burn the bird!

Step 2: Pan Fry Your Protein

While the chicken is cooking, grab a skillet and add 1 lb. of grass fed beef and 1 lb of turkey.

The turkey is really plain and boring by itself so adding it in with the beef gives it a good flavor.

Toss it in your favorite cooking oil such as olive oil or coconut oil and throw in some additional seasoning.

Another thing you can do to give this dish more flavor, protein, and healthy fat is cook 6-8 eggs over the ground meat. This is an easy way to get in additional fats as well.

This all can be done while your chicken is cooking and shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.

So if you have followed those 2 simple steps above you have over 5 lbs. of pure, and clean protein for your clean bulk.

No need to overcomplicate your meal prep. This was knocked out in a matter of 40 minutes and should last you 4-5 days.

Carbohydrate Meal Prep

I’m a huge fan of multi-tasking during my meal prep so for the carbohydrates we are going to cook these while we are cooking the protein.

If you followed the steps above you have the chicken baking in the oven, and more protein on the frying pan.

Now I want you to take out a big pot and fill it with water so you can boil some potatoes.

Don’t worry about the potatoes tasting plain as we are going to toss them in olive oil and other seasoning after they’re done cooking.

Boil the water and throw in 3-4 lbs. of sweet potatoes, red skin potatoes, good old russet potatoes, or a combination of all three.

Potatoes are the perfect carb source for lean bulking and will help you pack on muscle mass. Adding olive oil to your potatoes will give you additional healthy fats and make for a really nutritious meal.

While the potatoes are cooking, fire up the rice cooker. If you don’t have one you can purchase one for as little as 20 dollars and it will be a life saver when it comes to meal prep.

If not, you can always cook your rice the old fashioned way in a pot of water on the stovetop.

At this point we should have 4 things going at once:

  1. The beef and turkey is in the frying pan
  2. The chicken is in the oven
  3. The potatoes are boiling
  4. The rice is in the rice cooker

See how easy it can be to do a clean bulking meal prep?

All it takes is a little strategy

Healthy Fats Meal Prep

The great thing about healthy fats is that the healthiest fats for bulking season don’t require any cooking and can simply be added to your meals for enhanced flavor and nutrition.

Since fat is 9 calories per gram it will be vital that you eat a lot of it to reach your lean bulking macro goals.

Here are my favorite healthy fats during bulking season that require zero cooking, and how to utilize them appropriately.

Avocado: Slice this up and toss them on pretty much every type of protein and carb dish. My personal favorite is to add it to my ground meat and rice bowls!

Almond Butter: I eat this straight out of the jar or put it on celery

Peanut butter: Same as the almond butter!

Cashews, Brazil Nuts, almonds, and walnuts: Eat these plain for both healthy fat and protein.

Olive oil: Add this onto any of your meals, and use it as a cooking oil

Coconut Oil: Add this onto any of your meals and use it as a cooking oil

Hemp Seeds: Sprinkle on your protein and carbs

Chia Seeds: Sprinkle on your protein and carbs

See how easy it is to create a full clean bulking meal prep for the week? Follow these easy steps to make your lean bulk a breeze!

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