Do you find it hard to eat enough food to gain weight?

Today, Alain Gonzalez shares his 1,000 calories homemade weight gain shake recipe. This recipe is perfect for skinny guys who want to bulk up fast, and find it hard to eat enough food.

Alain used to weigh just 107 pounds when he was in his early 20’s.

This mass gain shake was one of the things he added into his diet that helped him consume enough calories to transform his physique.

This recipe is great for packing in a ton of high quality calories and micronutrients to help you add size to your skinny frame.

The great thing about this shake is that while it packs in a ton of calories, it will be easily digested and you’ll find yourself getting hungry again sooner than if you just ate a solid whole food meal. This is just another way this shake will help you consume more overall calories throughout the day.

Alain Gonzalez

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