How To Put On Weight: 3 Skinny Guy “Life Hacks” I Used To Gain Weight

If you are struggling to gain weight you might want to incorporate a few of these “skinny guy life-hacks” to pack on more lean muscle mass and healthy weight.

There are so many X-factors that can sky rocket your gains, and also so many little “lifestyle choices” that can completely derail you from the gain train.

This article is going to shine a big spotlight on a few things that could be holding you back from making gains (like partying and drinking alcohol) – and how to incorporate “skinny guy life hacks” so you can live a normal life and not have to sacrifice your hard work in the gym.

Party Gains


This is of course only for guys who are 21 years of age and older! One of the biggest things that will completely derail your strength and muscle building goals is alcohol and partying.

The combination of late nights and drinking alcohol are not kind to your body as a hard gainer.

When I was in college I was known to hit a few parties, and I was also working my butt off in the gym.

Sadly, I gained only a few lbs. of muscle over the course of 4 years in college. Why such minimal progress? I was drinking alcohol and I wasn’t properly hydrating after.

I don’t want to sound like your mom and tell you to never have fun and enjoy being young and having a thriving social life – so I’m going to tell you to go out and have an occasional drink (or two) with your buddies and follow this blueprint so you can still make gains!

How To Party Responsibly And Still Make Gains:

Step 1: Fill Your Stomach

One or two hours before drinking alcohol fill up on high quality carbohydrates and protein.

This is crucial so you are not drinking on an empty stomach! Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach is like throwing away all of your muscle mass in the dumpster. Don’t do it!

I like to fill up on some high quality grass fed beef, salmon, or chicken breast. I will pair it with some delicious sweet potatoes and brown rice

Step 2: Try to Drink “Clean”

I highly recommend you try to drink high quality liquor that is clear. A good quality Rum and vodka is going to contain less empty calories and be easier for your body to digest.

Mix it with some club soda and a lime and you have the “cleanest” drink on the planet other than water!

Step 3: Post Partying Hydration And Recovery

This one is HUGE! Don’t go to bed without consuming something that can absorb that liquor and feed your body with bodybuilding nutrition.

You want to have the following:

  1. Potassium and Hydrating minerals to prevent dehydration
  2. High quality protein so you don’t lose muscle mass
  3. ANY type of carbs so you replenish the muscle glycogen that was eroded from the alcohol
  4. Some Healthy fats to further soak up the liquor in your belly

My favorite combination is the following:

  1. I will eat some cheese pizza with chicken or ham on it(if I’m already out and want to be social still)
  2. I will drink a big thing of Gatorade and mix a little magnesium powder in it when I get home
  3. I will then eat a small serving of left over protein in my fridge such as grass fed beef, chicken, fish, or fry up some eggs
  4. I will drink a big glass of water with fresh squeezed lemon

Follow this blueprint and you won’t lose that hard earned muscle mass!

Intra Workout Mass Builder


Who says you can’t drink some high quality mass building shakes when you’re working out?

One of the best intra workout mass builders can be made very easily with some common ingredients you can get at

I recommend you buy the protein powder of your choice and also some maltodextrin powder.

Fill a shaker cup with about 30-40 grams of protein, 60 grams of maltodextrin and 5 grams of creatine.

In the middle of your workout start sipping on this and finish by the end of your workout. This intra workout mass builder allows you to get in another 400 high quality bodybuilding calories every workout.

If you train 5 times per week this is an extra 2,000 calories per week of pure bodybuilding nutrition!

Perfect PM Nutrition

The 60-minute window before you go to bed is probably the 2nd most important “nutrition window” for your gains other than post workout.

If post workout is the “anabolic window” this is “Ronnie Coleman’s Front Door.”

What you put in your body 60 minutes before you go to bed can really supercharge your nighttime recovery.

My favorite thing to do is make a protein omelet, which consists of:

  • 4 whole eggs
  • Diced veggies
  • Chicken, fish, or turkey

Eggs have slow protein and cholesterol, which is the building block of testosterone and is secreted by your leydig cells when you go to sleep.

Having an omelet before bed is the perfect catalyst for growth and recovery.

About 10-15 minutes before bed I will then take 4 ZMA pills for added testosterone support and recovery.

Magnesium is a really critical mineral in your body and many people are deficient in it from excessive mental and physical stress and dehydration. This assures your body is operating like a machine when you wake up!

These are my 3 favorite skinny guy life hacks that I have used the last couple years to make faster gains. Make sure you check out the full video and tell me your favorite skinny guy hacks in the comments.

Are You Too Skinny?

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