Ectomorph Body Type Workout Tips: I Did These 5 Things And Gained 60 Lbs. Of Muscle

What’s up dude! Summer time is approaching rapidly and I know you want to head to the beach and take off your shirt and showcase those muscles! It’s hard to believe that about 5-6 years ago I barely had any muscle mass, and was a walking stick!

Thank god times have changed, because I’ve packed on 60 lbs. of pure muscle mass, and it has completely changed my life.

Was it easy? Absolutely not, but I’m sure thankful that I took the plunge and started training and eating right. This article is going to disclose 5 things I did to gain 60 lbs of muscle mass.

I wanted to put together an outside the box list and hopefully spark some creativity and shock your body into radical muscle growth this summer.

I remember back when I was in school the most exciting time of the year was the summer time because it was when the rapid improvements happened.

If you are looking to transform your physique this summer make sure you try out these 5 things and you will have a first class ticket on the gain train!

Keep A Strength Journal/Workout Log

workout-log-weight-gain-blueprint-hcThis one is first for a reason. In the video I actually show you some of my old workout logs and have I have improved over the years. These workout logs are so cool if you keep track of them and nothing is more satisfying than looking back and seeing radical strength gains on your bench, squat, and deadlift.

Looking back at some of my old workout logs it’s crazy to think that I have improved well over 50 lbs on my bench press, squat, and dead-lift in just the last 24 months. This is how you grow bigger and stronger; keeping track of your weight and reps and walking in the gym each day with an exact target to beat!

This was one of the biggest reasons that I gained 60 total lbs. over the course of my transformation.

Post Workout Carb Loading

anacheri-gains-watermellon-bikiniGoing in the gym and lifting like a monster is nothing but a waste of time and energy if you aren’t going to feed your muscles with post workout carbohydrates.

Maximizing your insulin spike following a crazy intense workout is the fastest track to muscle growth and recovery.

When I am trying to make really fast gains I will consume about 0.5 grams of carbs per lb. of bodyweight immediately after my workout.

This means that I am eating like a monster and pigging out on simple carbs like white rice, gummy bears, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, and even cheesecake!

Make sure you are hitting at least 40-50 grams of protein and close to 100 grams of carbs following your workouts if you want to maximize your recovery and growth.

X Factor Exercises

dips-x-factorIn the pursuit of rapidly gaining weight all exercises are not created equal. I have labeled four exercises that are not the mainstream compound movements that are crucial for fast muscle gains.

These exercises are the true x factors to muscle growth and will help you develop some weak points you may not be hitting with your typical training routine.

I have put a huge emphasis on increasing the strength on the following four exercises and I attribute at least 15 lbs. of muscle growth because of it!

  • Weighted Pull-Ups
  • Incline Bench Press
  • Straight Leg Deadlift
  • Weighted Dips

These exercises are incredible for activating new muscle growth and hitting weak points. Want to grow fast? Gain 20-30 lbs. on each of these exercises.

Advanced Training Every Few Months

time-under-tension-pull-upsOn top of hitting your compound exercises movements and training for strength you should be cycling an advanced training regimen every few months to shock and confuse the body.

Some of the best advanced training strategies you should be implementing every few months are:

  • German Volume Training
  • FST 7
  • Rest/Pause
  • Time Under Tension
  • Slow Motion
  • Drop Sets
  • Opposing Muscle Group Supersets

These are all radical training techniques that will challenge your body like its never been challenged before; which always results in getting over a plateau and building slabs of lean muscle mass.

Embrace The Journey & Stay Motivated

greg-plitt-motivation-photoOne of the most powerful things you can do to make radical progress over a period of 6-12 months is to stay 100 percent focused on each day, and not be overwhelmed by the journey.

Many naturally skinny guys have a habit of giving up before they even get started. Don’t be one of those guys!

I remember motivating myself by looking at pictures of fitness models I wanted to look like. I would look at pictures of my idol Greg Plitt before I worked out in college to inspire intense workouts – and a few years later I got to meet him and actually looked just about as big as him in the picture I took! That was honestly one of the coolest moments of my life!

Whatever you have to do to stay motivated, make sure you do it! Look at pictures of physiques you want to look like, think of the kind of dating life you want, and how you want girls to react when you take off your shirt. These may all sound stupid and shallow – but they are really positive momentum boosters on a life long journey of making incredible gains!

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