How To Get Bigger Shoulders (F-5 Method)

Today we’re discussing how to get bigger shoulders using the “F-5 Method” to force shoulder growth. If you want wider delts, use this method, because it uses a scientific approach to growing your shoulders.

Your deltoid muscle has 3 different heads: The anterior deltoid, lateral deltoid, and rear deltoid. And within each of the shoulder heads is a specific muscle fiber ratio. The unique thing about your shoulders is that they contain a higher ratio of slow-twitch muscle fibers to fast-twitch muscle fibers than most other muscle groups. In other words, the majority of muscle fibers found in the deltoid are slow-twitch.

In this video we’re going to explain the top “activation exercises” for each head of the deltoid. And we’ll also get into the “X-Factors” of shoulder growth including post-workout nutrition, and another method that’s going to force more oxygen and blood into the recovering shoulder muscle.

The “F” in the F-5 method stands for “force” since we’re going to use 5 methods to force muscle growth in your shoulder workout. The first step is forcing anterior deltoid growth. In most cases, your front delt will be more developed than your lateral and rear deltoid. In order to get that boulder shoulder look it’s important to hit all 3 heads of the shoulder. The best way to develop this is with a heavy overhead press using a few different grip positions and angles.

In F-2 we’re going to focus on the lateral head of the shoulder. According to a study done by Bret Contreras the top shoulder activation exercise for the lateral deltoid head that created the highest mean and peak activation was the rope face pull. So this exercise should absolutely be added to your workout to increase shoulder size. The second exercise to include is a lateral raise in the 10-12 rep range.

In F-3 we’re going to talk about rear delt muscle development. This muscle is often neglected and underdeveloped in amateur weight lifters. If you want to get wider shoulders then paying attention to your rear deltoids is a must. And the best way to train shoulders while giving your rear deltoid the attention it needs is by incorporating rope face pulls into your workout routine. Yes, this exercise is not only superior for activating your lateral delts, but also your rear delts. Which makes this a hidden gem exercise to get bigger shoulders. And if you want to get bigger shoulders with dumbbells, another great exercise to hit your rear delts is the dumbbell rear delt fly.

The F-4 step is my “2:1 Factor.” To get bigger shoulders fast, you need to be in a calorie surplus. For maximum muscle growth you should shoot for a 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein. I recommend that you take in 2x your bodyweight in grams of carbs, and 1x your bodyweight in grams of protein. For example, if you weigh 200 pounds, you’d take in 400 grams of carbs per day and 200 grams of protein.

The F-5 step is using “Feeder Workouts.” This concept was popularized by Rich Piana, and involves pumping fresh blood and oxygen into your shoulder muscles right before you go to bed. And important point here is you’re not actually damaging the muscle. The goal here is to speed up and optimize recovery of the muscle. A great way to do this is using resistance bands to do shoulder lateral raises. Watch the video for all the details.

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