How To Gain Muscle Fast: Crazy Anabolic Workout For Skinny Guys

I hope you guys are ready to get jacked because this is a powerful article that will teach you a dynamic muscle-building principle known as the “crazy anabolic day.” This is one thing that I came up with about a year ago, and I try to incorporate it into my lifting and nutrition regimen about 2-3 times per month.

As a serious hardgainer, you will find that this strategy helps you gain muscle fast and skyrocket your anabolic hormones. One reason that I have had success with building lean muscle mass as a naturally skinny guy is because I am not afraid to test out different workout strategies and challenge old theories and principles. If you want to look average and not stand out from the crowd, then you should do the same workouts that everybody else does. You know, Mondays are for chest. You do a few heavy sets of bench presses. Then you do some pec flies, etc. Sound familiar?

Sure, these kinds of workouts can be effective for a beginning weight lifter, but after a while, your body gets used to the demand you are putting on it and you need to start challenging yourself in more outside-the-box ways. Your body is very resilient, and if you always want to be growing, you need to find clever ways to boost your anabolic hormones and break down more lean muscle mass.

The concept of a crazy anabolic workout may seem foreign to many of you. You’re probably thinking, “But I thought I was supposed to do only 1-2 body groups per day? I thought chest was on Monday and then back and biceps were on Tuesday?” Like I said earlier, I used to do the same workout that everybody else was doing and I looked just like everybody else. Then I came up with some unique workouts that challenged my body to the maximum, and people started turning their heads as I walked by. Not only did I start to gain a ridiculous amount of lean muscle mass, but I also shed body fat quickly.

I have a rule of thumb that I try to always remind myself. My goal is to step in the gym and do something every workout that I have never done before. When you have this mindset, you begin to think of some highly creative workouts.  This becomes increasingly important the more advanced you get.

One of my favorite workouts is designed to maximize your anabolic hormones and put the maximum amount of overload on your body’s largest and strongest muscle groups every single workout.

I’m also going to recommend a “carbohydrate refeed” day when you perform this workout. This will boost your insulin levels, which will be a highly anabolic hormone following an intense workout like this. To perform a refeed day, simply double your normal carbohydrate intake that you would normally consume and limit your fat intake. You can keep your protein intake at around 1 gram per pound of bodyweight.

How To Gain Muscle Fast: Crazy Anabolic Workout For Skinny Guys

Crazy-Anabolic-Workout-For-Skinny-GuysGaining muscle fast starts with putting overload on the largest and strongest muscles in your body. You will be accomplishing that with this incredible compound exercise workout. Make sure that you are well rested and fully recovered from any previous workout before trying this. This workout will challenge your entire body and set the stage for maximum muscle growth and anabolic hormone release.

Approximate Workout Time: 1 Hour and 10 Minutes

Total Sets: 21

Rest Between Sets: 90-120 Seconds

Total Exercises: 7 (3 Sets Each)

I recommend doing this crazy anabolic workout in the order I am about to suggest. Since you are working out your largest and strongest muscle groups throughout the entire workout, it is important that you don’t strain anything or pull a muscle. For example, doing barbell squats and dead lifts back to back might put a lot of strain on your back.

Exercise 1: Barbell Bench Presses (3 sets with 90-120 seconds rest between sets)

Notes: You want to go heavy on this exercise and perform 6-8 reps per set. Make sure that you are challenging yourself with the weight and that you are lifting with 100 percent maximum intensity.

Exercise 2: Barbell Squats (3 sets with 90-120 seconds between sets)

Notes: Go heavy on these and perform 6-8 reps per set. Make sure you are going down to 90 degrees and lifting at 100 percent maximum intensity!

Exercise 3: Pull-Ups (3 sets with 90-120 seconds rest between sets)

Notes: If you are strong enough, make sure to do weighted pull-ups. If you can’t do more than 8 regular pull-ups, you should stick with body weight for all 3 sets. Make sure to lock your arms at the bottom so you work your lats.

Exercise 4: Dead Lifts (3 sets with 2 minutes rest between sets)

Notes: This is the last compound lower body exercise, so make sure to go all out! Stick with heavy weight and perform 6-8 reps per set.

Exercise 5: Dips (3 sets with 90-120 rest between sets)

Notes: If you can do more than 10 body weight dips, you should make sure to perform weighted dips. You are doing 3 sets until failure!

Exercise 6: Barbell Rows (3 sets with 90-120 seconds between sets)

Notes: Make sure to go heavy and, once again, stick in the 6-8-rep range. This will blast your arms and back.

Exercise 7: Barbell Shrugs (3 sets with 90-120 seconds between sets)

Notes: This is finally the last exercise, so go out with a bang. Nothing feels better than putting a bunch of overload on your trap muscles! Go heavy and knock out 3 sets with 6-8 reps.

A Few Keys to Success During your Anabolic Day

Few-Keys-to-Success-During-your-Anabolic-DayThis anabolic day will put a lot of excess demand on your body. It is very important that you stay super hydrated throughout the day. You will also want to feed your body an abundance of complex and slow digesting carbohydrates. This will drip-feed your body with an all-day supply of energy and fuel. Last but not least, do not attempt to perform this workout if any muscle group is sore. This workout should be done following a rest day so you are able to perform maximum intensity sets.

Let me know how you guys get along and if this workout gets you guys jacked!

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