Bicep Workouts: Get Freaky Huge Biceps With This Vein-Pumping Arm Workout

Let’s be honest here – what skinny guy doesn’t love the idea of having huge biceps? Bicep workouts are a blast and huge biceps command the respect of everyone inside and outside the gym. If you want to create a commanding presence and go from skinny guy to an imposing and muscular man-child you need to have some huge biceps. The first step is to perform a crazy bicep workout to break down the maximum amount of muscle tissue. The best arm workouts involve variety a shock to the muscle.

This bicep workout is going to give you vein pumping biceps and help you naturally skinny guys build the muscular arms of your dreams. I remember being a super skinny guy in high school and it seemed like having big arms was just a pipe dream. I am now the proud owner of 17-inch biceps. I was able to consistently build the size of my arms through highly intense bicep workouts.

My secret to getting big arms is to always change up my arm workout routine. Your bicep workout should always be changing and you need to find advanced techniques to challenge yourself. I come across so many skinny guys that are extremely frustrated with the progress of their arm workouts and the size of their biceps. The best arm workouts are constantly putting new kinds of overload and stress on the muscle.

When I ask many skinny guys what kind of workouts they do for their arms they all pretty much tell me the same thing. A few sets of hammer curls, barbell curls and occasionally some ez-bar curls. When I ask them how many times they will incorporate advanced techniques into their arm training like drop sets, supersets, and pre fatigues they look at me with a blank stare. The most advanced bicep workouts will highly intense strategies of overload. If you aren’t genetically gifted you need to shock your bicep muscles into growth. This means that you need to think outside the box and come up with an unconventional way to perform the conventional bicep exercises. This is the key to a vein pumping bicep workout.

This is one of the many unique bicep exercises I have come up with. This bicep workout routine will help you get tremendous vascularity and will challenge your arms in a way they have never been challenged before. If you want consistent results with your bicep workout you need to push yourself outside your comfort zone and try my freak huge bicep vein pumping arm workout! Let’s dive in and take a look at the workout.

Exercise One: Dumbbell Curl With A Full Twist


Sets: 3

Repetitions: 8-12 for each bicep

Description: This is one of my favorite arm exercises and should be included in your bicep workout.

You will start with the dumbbell in the hammer curl position with your thumbs facing forward. As you lift the weight you will twist the dumbbell up so your palms are facing up at about the halfway point of the movement.

The last half of the movement is what separates this exercise from every other bicep exercise. You will be incorporating a twist at the end of the repetition that will feel like its “pulling” the inside of your bicep muscles. Rotating the inside of your palm outward during the last half of the movement does this.

Watch the YouTube video as I show you precisely how to do this. I learned this from fitness model Greg Plitt, and it is an incredible bicep workout. Any bicep workouts for mass should incorporate this advanced exercise.

Exercise Two: Seated Preacher Curl Superset


Sets: 3

Repetitions: 8 (both sets)

Description: Most gyms have a seated preacher curl machine and it is one of my favorite exercises in my bicep workouts. Seated preacher curls allow you to maximize your time under tension and build huge vein-pumping arms.

You will perform the seated preacher curl superset by first selecting a heavy weight. The goal is to put as much overload on the bicep muscle as possible. If you want to build size you need to make sure your bicep workouts are putting overload on the muscle. The best bicep workout will be a precise combination of overload and time under tension. That is exactly what this superset will give you.

Pick a weight that you can perform 6-8 repetitions max at 100 percent intensity. Good arm workouts are performed at maximum intensity – so always remember this if you want to get big quick!

Once you finish this heavy set you should immediately drop the weight by about 30 percent and perform another set until failure. If you drop the weight by about 30 percent you should be good for another 6-8 repetitions. This is what is referred to as a “drop set” and is one of my favorite strategies in bicep workouts. The best bicep workout will have maximum overload and outside the box strategies such as drop sets, super sets and pre fatigues. The difference between good arm workouts and the best bicep workouts lie in the details and your ability to constantly change up your routine and shock your arms into growth.

Exercise Three: Non-Stop Hammer Curls


Sets: 3

Repetitions: Time under tension: 30 seconds

Description: This will be an advanced variation to the traditional hammer curl.

Pick a weight that you can control and handle for 12-15 repetitions. What you will be doing during this set is maximizing your time under tension and keeping the bicep under distress the entire time. This is achieved by performing alternating hammer curls with absolutely no rest or pause at the bottom. Your arms will always be in motion and you need to push yourself to extreme muscular failure.

The best arm workouts incorporate time under tension – and it is one of my favorite strategies with any muscle group that is lacking.

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