Brain Gains Episode 1: Platinum Diamond Pony On Roids

What’s up guys, I have been waiting a really long time to do these type of videos and I’m really excited to bring to you Brain Gains Episode 1!

You’re probably thinking by the title of this video I fell off my rocker and I’ve gone completely insane!

The truth is, I want to start sharing what I’ve been learning the last few years about mental confidence, and the mindset it takes to start achieving great things in your personal life – both in AND out of the gym.

Today’s concept is a “platinum diamond pony on roids” – which is how I describe the importance of this mental paradigm.

What do you think your most valuable asset is? Do you think its time? Do you think its money?

In this article I’m going to share with you what your most valuable asset is (Hint: its NOT time or money) – and I’m going to tell you exactly why its so tough to achieve.

I know you are jacked about getting a biggest chest and bigger arms – but you better be even more excited for some BRAIN GAINS because this is the stuff that really changes your life.

This concept is going to help you make faster gains, improve your bank account, make you more charismatic, and EVEN improve the relationships you have with your family and friends.

Are you read to wake up each day excited and full of energy and enthusiasm? Let’s get into my 3-part blueprint on how you can maximize your energy levels and enthusiasm each day.

Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

richard-branson-stuntThis is an ugly habit of all of my friends who are not happy with their lives. If you want to wake up each day excited and ready to take action you better start getting outside of your comfort zone.

The amazing thing about getting outside your comfort zone is that you will feel energized and excited AFTER you go through the temporary “pain” of doing something that’s a little bit scary.

I remember when I was 20 years old I decided to take an acting class for the 1st time, and it was probably the scariest thing I ever did in my life up until that point.

In my spare time I thought that it would be really cool to be an actor and star in a movie – but speaking in front of complete strangers and doing a monologue without any experience in a cold and bright room was a whole new ball game!

I remember driving to that acting class completely terrified of what was going to happen.

I got up nervously and rattled off my 1st monologue and acting scenes, and left my 1st class feeling like I could do anything. Even though I wasn’t that good yet – I knew I was moving in the right direction of my dreams and I instantly felt the energizing power of doing something outside your comfort zone.

Stop Caring What Other People Think

50-cent-50th-law-bookOne of my favorite books of all time is the “50th Law” because it helps you really channel a mindset of having no fear and not caring what other people think. Make sure you watch the video so you can hear one of my favorite quotes of all time by 50 Cent!

Caring what other people think is a huge reason why most guys don’t go after their dreams. The earlier you stop caring what other people think the better your life will be.

You only have a small window to do big things in your life. If you are constantly self conscious of what other people think of you, not only will this suck the life and energy from you but you will be miserable.

Say you want to try out a career path that is a little bit off the beaten road, and you never even take the 1st step towards that life because you are so scared what your family, girlfriend, and friends will think of you.

Do you think you will be more energized because you live a life of fear and caring what other people think? Of course not! As time goes on you are going to have a lot of regrets associated with never taking that step, and you will continue to care what other people think of you.

This is the recipe to a “low energy” life and a life that I hope none of you guys live!

Avoid Negative People


The last thing that will suck the energy levels from you is people. Negative people are one of the most poisonous things you need to eliminate from your life right away.

It could be a roommate, could be a girlfriend, could even be a best friend! If your social circle is bringing you down your energy levels are likely a direct reflection of that.

In 5 years you will be the sum of the books you’ve read and the 5 people you’ve spent the most time with.

If you have been stuck spending time with negative people you will likely be unhappy and start to mirror those negative thoughts and emotions.

Make a list of the 5 people who give you the most positive emotions and make a point to spend as much time as humanly possible with them!

Stay Tuned

Make sure you stay tuned for Episode 2 of “Brain Gains” where you’ll learn why the imaginary realities you tell yourself is more powerful than a Harvard MBA!

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  • Hi Troy Adashum
    I saw your video about Brain Gains
    and I think is an excellent lesson of positivism
    for everybody.
    All what you says is true, people think the happiness is right out side the door., I mean is true if you go outside and look for it, do something to make yourself happy and surrounding by positive people and always be your self authentic.
    And work hard for your goals no matter what others think about you…!
    Thank you Troy


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